Artist Spotlight: Heather Swenson

Within a multidisciplinary practice of making screenprints, small books, and installations I create work that is both derived from experience and invention. Regarding everyday visual experiences as research, I am extremely captivated by the simple act of looking. I combine these observations with imagined structures and shapes to create new interactions. I am inspired by architecture, temporary structures and unusual spaces.

I have a few new sculptures on view for Current Seen. My first public sculpture, Observation Towers, is outside of Rochester Contemporary Art Center. These structures investigate sense of place through mimicking parts of their surroundings while simultaneously pulling textures and colors from other spaces. Visitors are encouraged to walk around and underneath the sculptures, integrating themselves into a new habitat. Down the street, a tent sewn from screen printed fabric is installed for Inside/Out an exhibition curated by Colleen Buzzard. Tents have always been a compelling structure to me, both in my personal life and artistic practice. This tent, Briefly Invisible, is printed with a pattern from my collection of security envelope interiors. The security tint acts a protective screen, both concealing the interior of the tent and blurring the outside world, creating a space in which one can be briefly invisible.

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