Business Spotlight: Gallery Salon

Hair isn’t just hair. It serves as a canvas and gives the hairdresser individual artistic freedom to express themselves. Whether it’s a cut, color, or highlights, it’s a part of you, so why not have it say something about your individual character? While talking about hair, why not also talk about nails, brow tinting, makeup, or even facial waxing? When it comes to self-care, Gallery Salon has you covered.

Located in the Neighborhood of The Arts in Rochester, this gem is more than a hair salon. Filled with little treasures everywhere you look, Gallery Salon also serves as a nail salon and art gallery. Owner and stylist Erika Sorbello has turned Gallery Salon into an extension of herself. Having grown up in a hair salon with an admiration for historic buildings, it’s fascinating to see how she has found all these little ways to embed her personality and artistic tastes into the room. Between the old brick walls, the beam work of the ceiling, wood furnishings, the wide array of old fashion blow dryers, a crafty collection of scissors, and a wide array of vintage mirrors, the space nods back to previous eras. The historic elements ingeniously infused with the raw, industrial interior design, paired with a fresh modern splash create this harmonious and timeless quality.

Since Erika's childhood, art has been an important part of her life. Adding that to her consistent love for decorating and collecting has made her salon the perfect embodiment of all this. When asked about some of the key identifying features of the salon, Sorbello shares that, “...anybody can walk in here and feel comfortable. Doesn't matter race, gender, social or economic status. If they want to be in a fun, happy environment where they can feel great about themselves, this is the place for them.” Gallery Salon has a great team of over a dozen talented individuals specializing as stylists, makeup artists, and nail technicians, as Erika state that “I have so many amazing stylists...everybody has their own niche” For Erika and her team, the work here is rewarding and so are the workplace relationships. The chemistry between the salon and their clients is so vital. “You become friends and a part of their lives.” Gallery Salon radiates uplifting and positive energy that is rejuvenating for all those who enter.

Not only does this space care for its customers, but it also supports local artists. Erika is an advocate for buying local and encourages people to do the same. Living in a world of instant gratification, online shopping, and same-day delivery, we lose touch of the connections that can be made and the stories to be heard from individuals and artists behind the products. There is an authenticity that resides there, one that should be nurtured. One way that Erika stays true to this is by the gallery component of her shop. The wall art which is created by local artists rotates every two months and Sorbello notes that she is constantly seeking out and searching for new artists. Nestled into the front of the store is a quaint boutique selling jewelry, shirts, and hats which changes three times a year. Even though Gallery Salon has an “ever-changing, revolving scene” it remains steadfast with its kind and welcoming atmosphere. Being home to many passion projects, Erika shares, “I am very lucky to be surrounded by amazing, talented artists every single day.”

There are a lot of new and exciting events lined up at the Gallery Salon, ones that you definitely don't want to miss. The closest one approaching is on Saturday, November 9th from 4 pm - 9 pm, where they will be hosting the 10th Annual “Wonderful Little Artisan Sale” (W.L.A.S). This event will showcase the work of thirty Rochester artists and makers. Not to mention, there will also be Le Petit Poutine, raffles, swag, and much more.

So if you are looking for beauty care, the most polished professional products, a celebratory environment, and a heartfelt staff, Gallery Salon is a must. After all, this is where “beauty and art collide.”

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