Artist Spotlight: Megan Sullivan

As an interdisciplinary artist who creates both visual books and experimental video, I appreciate how the two relate as time-based media. Video recording in particular has always been a very meditative process for me. It allows me to slow down and find places where my camera can remain still and the environment within the frame is in motion. I have spent years recording hours of video in this manner, experiencing a reverence for the natural world through the practice. The use of archival film footage has become a common motif in my moving-image projects. This relates to my inherent need to be a collector of historic images and sounds and repurpose them, creating alternative narratives.

Sister Moon is a video piece that ruminates on the spiritual and feminine qualities of water and the moon. The title is inspired by the Canticle of Brother Sun and Sister Moon by Saint Francis of Assisi, in which the author personifies the elements and reminds humanity of their interconnectedness with nature. I have always felt a strong connection to the sea and safety within water. This motivates me to explore the ways it can be visually represented and interpreted.

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