Nobody’s Marigold -Rochester’s Multi-Generational Rockabilly Supergroup

Nobody’s Marigold is a multi-generational band that rocks Rochester with their contemporary “rockabilly americana thing.” Combining multiple styles and types of people has been a focus of Nobody’s Marigold, a band consisting of Rochester music industry veterans including multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist April Laragy Stein (formerly of The Raw Magillys and the Atomic Swindlers), lead guitarist Sue Veneer (formerly of The Raw Magillys and The Antoinettes), and drummer Roy Stein (formerly of new wave punk bands such as Jet Black Berries and New Math). Alongside these well-versed performers, Nobody’s Marigold has a cast of budding Nazareth College musicians among the band including multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Ignatius “Iggy” Marino (of Walrus Junction) and bassist Nick Lenard. In a world where bands traditionally consist of people in the same age range, Iggy believes that making music with musicians that are older than him has increased his expertise as a live player, explaining that “they usually have more wisdom when it comes to a live show. I feel like it makes me a better live player.”

April looks back to when she was “very very young,” and wonders if she would have liked to play in a band like Nobody’s Marigold: “It was almost like the type of thing where I thought that ‘you can’t do that.’ Now, I think with the way that music is, it is so much more accepted now. There are so many styles, so many different types of people, new music, the way that music is made and presented to you and all the different avenues you can be heard.”

Though the band spans multiple generations, they agree that they are all equal bandmates. Creating a flow of music that can encapture all of these diver se people requires a vulnerable and forgiving place of collaboration.

“Not once have I ever written a song with all the parts in my mind perfectly,” Iggy comments, “I always write it with a guitar and I let the band put down their parts. And because everybody is so different and there are so many different layers -- and they’re all smart players so they know when they can accentuate their line or fall back. You can just let the band do what they do and it always turns the song into your sound because it’s your musicians and your song. It becomes the band’s song. You may have written the words and the changes, but once the band plays their original thoughts over it, it becomes Nobody’s Marigold.”

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