Jessi Mason’s “Everest”/“When It Rains in L.A.” – Embracing the New Era of Empowering and Reflective

>> With two new singles under her belt, Jessi Mason continues to lure and stir listeners with her empowering and mesmerizing vocals and minimal pop approach.

After the release last year’s EP ‘Night Owl’ Jessi Mason is back with two new singles that carry a lot of poise and both incorporating a style far distinct from last year’s EP.

The dreamy “Everest” opens with a steady Snail Mail-esque minimal riff that later builds up and becomes more firm and sharp, that is in harmony with the meaning that brings out the ugly truth about romance. The emotive and intense “When It Rains in L.A.” feels more like a traditional pop record, already sounding like a classic. The instrumentation is far more interesting than “Everest,” less minimal and more darker and complex upfront. However, it’s Mason’s powerful vocals that drive the piece—her pure and haunting vocals are bolder with her bright lyrics. This is the type of single that can really launch Mason’s career into the alternative mainstream, particularly the new generation of female rock stars (see also, Julia Jacklin, Camp Cope and Phoebe Bridgers). These are young women musicians redefining a genre that still embodies a sexist culture. Mason sounds like she is influenced by the same musicians as her contemporaries, like Joni Mitchell, Joan Jett and Paul Simon. She has everything laid down for a near-perfect assertive female fronted indie rock album, so what is she waiting for? <<

Listen to “Everest” and “When It Rains in L.A.” HERE!

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