Explosions in the Sky Deliver a Mind-Blowing Performance in Buffalo

>> Explosions in the Sky came to Buffalo for the second time in their careers as musicians. This instrumental post-rock band has been playing music together for 20 years! Imagine the most epic rock concert without vocals. I am here to tell you that I witnessed this magic.

Babeville, a church venue with massively high ceilings was a perfect venue for this beautiful music. Heads bobbed and people closed their eyes or watched the musicians intensely performing as beads of sweat dropped from their heads. The strips of lighting on each side had individually flashing bulbs of color streaming across the musicians in thick wavy bands. It was jaw-droppingly glorious. Very few cell phones were out in the air recording. I have never felt so overwhelmed by a performance.

The five men performed effortlessly. Each note hung in the air as the next followed. Rolling, tumbling, building, crushing. Words and vocals are unnecessary. The mood is carried by the notes, crescendos, decrescendos, and beat of the drums. The acoustics in the church and the flashing colored lights mixed into the atmosphere making the audience feel as if they were no on planet earth anymore. We entered another world full of light, color, and the soundtrack was full of wonder and awe.

Attending an Explosions in the Sky show was a nice reminder to let go, breathe, and fully experience the moment. <<

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