Full Body: Always There - Intriguing and Genre-Defying

>> Rochester, New York DIY experimental rockers, Full Body, are back with a follow up to their freshman 2017 release, 'What’s Good?', with a collection of eight remarkably well-composed, thought-out, and interesting new songs entitled 'Always There' out now on Five Kill Records. The genres range from post-hardcore, shoegaze, progressive, and alternative rock to encompass a grand enchantment of enjoyable tunes that make the listener hum along while also marveling at the power of the tracks. Vocalist/Guitarist Dylan Vaisey, Guitarist Jacob Kotler, Drummer Jack Chaffer, and newly recruited bassist Cassidy Hammond (they did not play on this record) offer a record full of interesting twist and turns that could satisfy fans of multiple genres in less than 25 minutes.

'Always There' begins with the eerie “Small Voice (Still)” which conveys interesting time signatures that make the song feel urgent to the listener while also repressing something more vicious. Around the 1:20 mark Vaisey shouts, “give it away” and the song picks up in pace and slows back down with Vaisey singing how “it feels good to obey” which becomes a lyrical motif revisited later in the album. The track ultimately ends with the music exploding upon itself. The opener serves as a solid indicator of the roller coaster ride Full Body takes you on with their music. The second track “Looked at the Picture” is a minute and 51 seconds consistently paced sonic bang and is complimented by intriguing pedal effects and guitar leads that hover over the song elegantly. The third track “Alias” showcases the bands ever-present versatility through a 2-minute banger with a chorus that repeats “I know who you are now alias” which finds Vaisey either confronting himself or someone he feels isn’t honest with themselves. “Alias” shows how competent of musicians Full Body are as they switch up and follow a more “normal” song structure, yet offer their own brand of introspective lyrics and once again, a wild ending to the song that keeps listeners intrigued throughout the track. The fourth track “Hard Drive” has a shoegaze feel that finds Vaisey confronting heartbreak, “To your place/There is an empty space/As tears roll down my face/Days, they go on and on/Waking up, used to be with me…not with him” and then finds the band imploding with instrumentation and into “Faith Caught”, which finds Vaisey convincing himself he’s okay, despite feeling lost.

The sixth track, “Bad Screen,” is an instrumental track primed for intergalactic space travel or in an intense fight with a boss in a video game. The track clocks under 2 minutes and despite the fleeting nature of the track, it’s exciting and has an unintelligible machine sounding voice gliding over the band’s chemistry together. Honestly, it is one of my favorites on the record and shows how Full Body is a music unit unafraid of new territory. The instrumental track follows with “Sonic Bloom”, a rock track that illustrates the bands' competence with timing as the riffs correspond directly in sync with Chaffer’s skillful drumming. The band enters a fast-paced bridge on the song which feels like pushing the acceleration on your car as hard as you can. The track ends with Vaisey revisiting and repeating the lyrics “feels good to obey” which raises many uncomfortable questions in a society where technology has opened options for everyone, yet has made globally recognized corporations and absurdly wealthy people more powerful than ever. The record ends with the title track “Always There” which is a slower jam that finds Vaisey acknowledging human limitations, “Every time I try to be a hero/ The world spits me right back out” and of course, in Full Body fashion, offers an epic instrumental ending.

Full Body’s 'Always There' is further proof innovative genre-defying music is happening across DIY scenes in America. Despite not having massive budgets or wealthy financial backers, countless bands, such as Full Body, are creating their own lane where the music speaks for itself. It’s time we all start appreciating and recognizing that. <<

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