New Music Friday - Triumphant Returns

"Blank Slate" by Joywave

Big time Rochester boys have a new eerily catchy tune filled with all of our favorite classic Joywave elements; whispering falsetto, head-bobbing beats, and a fresh production quality bop!

Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


'Blood Moon' by Whilk & Misky

A perfect soundtrack to get saucy to! The groove is real and this music will transport you to a sensual dreamlike world, the escape we all need. Listen to the EP on Spotify HERE!


"Stutter" by M.A.G.S

This talented musician, producer, and indie rocker hails from Buffalo, New York but has since moved out to Los Angeles. You may recognize his name as he was previously featured after his album, 'M.A.G.S' was released in 2017! He has returned with a triumphant and ass kickin' new tune! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


"SOMEONE ELSE" by Bishop Briggs

Another power ballad from the indie queen of beautiful emotional bops! Don't mind us while we interpretively dance and cry along. A WEEK AWAY from the release of her new album and our bodies are screaming we NEED MORE! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


'Monsters Calling Home, Vol. 2' by Run River North

We have been fans of this dedicated band since their album 'Drinking from a Salt Pond' was released in 2016. The band has since gone through many changes, the one aspect that has stayed consistent is their passionate devotion to their music! You better believe we will be listening to these new tunes all the dang time! Listen to the EP on Spotify HERE!


'An Invitation to an Alternate Reality' by New Politics

Who doesn't love some high energy rock anthems?! New Politics definitely have the POWER and we are sure feelin' ready to KICK SOME ASS while we shake it to these new tunes!

Listen to the album on Spotify HERE!