Single Premiere: Trader by Strange to Look At

Strange to Look At formed in 2016 in Syracuse, New York, initially to play a one-off Halloween show. What resulted instead was a fittingly weird meeting of the minds set on diversifying the Central New York music landscape. In 2018, the band released its debut self-titled EP to local acclaim—it won a Syracuse Area Music Award (SAMMY) for Best Alternative Recording.

As 2019 comes to a close, Strange to Look At is presenting a suite of three new singles, sharing one per month. On the first of October, the band dropped “October”, an aptly named ode to the Halloween season that marries the quintet’s penchant for classic horror movie scores with prog-rock instrumentation and eerie, synchronous vocals performed by Jeremy Allen and Beccah Avraham. Now, with November underway, Strange to Look At has released single #2, “Trader”.

Written by Avraham, “Trader” showcases the band’s leanings into a sound more akin to dream pop, with warm, vintage synth textures; driving, throaty bass; and lush vocals that carry a simple story of longing in one mysterious refrain: “Days, in exchange for dreams, sold.”

On “Trader”, Strange to Look At is Beccah Avraham (lead vocals, keys), Jeremy Allen (keys, guitar, vocals), Dan Poorman (bass, omnichord), Tyler Allen (guitar), and Gavin George (drums, percussion). The track was produced by Andrew Greacen at More Sound Studio in Syracuse.

Listen to "Trader" HERE!

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