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Single Premiere: Spiral by Rut

>> Rut’s newest offering, 'Circle of Service,' is ten songs punctuated by sudden shifts of mood, time, and temperament that captivate and subvert expectations at every turn. Post-hardcore, prog, sludge, noise rock, and more tumble out of these songs, merging and parting ways, propelled by frenetically inspired drumming, deep-running agile bass-lines, and the jaggedly insistent interplay of guitars, all held together by the growl and gravity of Gaelen Bates’ voice.

Rejecting traditional verse/chorus structures and any semblance of distancing irony, Rut runs riot through every song as if their lives depend on it. Listeners cannot help but feel that their own fate is caught up in the secret unfolding of the darkly oblique lyrics that knit these songs together into a fractious whole. Circle of Service is a thrilling explosion of music packing serious existential heat. Give in to its wonders and you will feel the tender underbelly of life in this age of uncertainty exposed. You cannot listen and leave unchallenged or unchanged.

“Spiral” personifies the underlying anxiety that most of us carry through our days. Sometimes it is familiar and comfortable but, left unchecked, can lead to our own unraveling. That’s what the end of the song feels like, a beautiful, chaotic release of energy that captures a snapshot of ourselves at our most manic and confused. Listen to the single at the link below!



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