Artist Spotlight: Siena Pullinzi

Through printmaking, I create a representation of personal, intimate experiences that impacted my understanding of myself and the concept of intimacy. I focus on the objectification of the female body, sex, and the internal conflicts of loneliness and isolation. I create art to challenge the viewer's perception of dehumanizing women and how it can cause issues of self-worth and understanding.

I have a few etchings on display at 540W Main Street as apart of Current Seen. For the body of work displayed in Not Your Object, I was inspired by female Grecco-Roman statues and how they portray women through an object; marble. Taking objectifying women to a literal form. Using the lines created with the etching needle to “sculpt” the women within my prints. Having them be headless gives them a lack of identity; detaching them from the essence that makes one a person. While removing their limbs gives them a lack of defenses. Through these prints, I wanted to depict how I and other women have felt after being cat-called, sexually harassed, or convinced that we are not filling.

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