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The Congressional Collective: Trust the Process

The Congressional Collective is made up of local creators Sugar Hoops, Lex Howland, and Brandon A. Mott. One of their members, Lex, has written this op-ed to describe the unique mission and values of their organization to the Rochester community.

The Congressional Collective is a Rochester-based avant-garde community bringing entertainment on the rim of social norms. We bring these events to a city that desperately needs to be opened up, exposed, and elevated. We, like a Phoenix, are rising out of the ashes and bringing Rochester into a new era, where like-minded people are heading in droves to experience the beautiful new creation that is young Rochester.

The Congressional Collective’s motto is “Trust the process,” because if we do not, everything that we work for will fall apart. We each have our own individual skills, and we have put serious faith in one another to do our part of the work. When one of our members tells another member to do something we know in our hearts that if it is done everything will come together. Even if it seems ridiculous or unlikely, we still have to follow through. Shirking off doesn’t get us anywhere.

As a collective, we need to lean on each other. We depend on our members to get things done when they need to be done, but we also depend on each other for support. Our emotional standing is vital to the “process.” We all have mental health problems, and we each go through frequent intense periods of depression, anxiety, or mania. We have to help each other out when we are down, and because we strive for “the whole.” We are all cogs in a bigger machine and if the cogs aren’t cleaned and maintained the machine stops working. Our merry band strives to keep everyone in the group calm, cool and collected. Some of us are better at keeping a serene level head than others, but that is our strength.

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