For Current Scene, I continued a body of work that uses an artist-made map of all the dead end streets of Buffalo, NY (where I’ve lived the past ten years). The map is intended as an ongoing source for making new work. Included from this series are three paintings in which the dead ends are rearranged anew each time, not allowing for overlap of the ends and dispersing them in a roughly even manner. There are also wood cut-outs that are the result of attaching all of the ends together into new networks, with only as much overlap as is required to make the resultant machine-cut form structurally sound. These works are accompanied by a scrap wood cityscape with an emasculated corporate power at its center. The only work not sourced from the map of dead ends, it relates in its utilization of urban space as visual system and allegory.

I work across mediums, with a perennial focus on painting and drawing. There are a number of ideas that have continually resurfaced in my work over the years, including: parallels between the built environment and human behavior, contrived manners in socialization, the interplay of competing and cooperating systems, and process-oriented work as self-enabling bureaucracy.

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