Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad and The Able Bodies Attract Crowds for Floated's Issue 9 Release

>> The highly anticipated day had finally come. Shaking down Friday November 15th Floated: Alternative Culture Magazine celebrated the release of Issue 9.

Held at UUU Art Collective, the space catered perfectly to the energy that radiated throughout the room. This latest issue is packed with artists, musicians, and business owners from Rochester and beyond. Capturing the vibrancy that surges throughout the city, the night set out to showcase these projects, the people behind them, and their stories, all while bringing people together. The animation of the room was ignited as the event was kicked off by Rochester’s indie-pop duo The Able Bodies. Immediately creating a lively atmosphere, they hit us with some moody and funky tunes that made the crowd dance. Getting everyone’s blood pumping, hips swaying and feet moving, their synth-pop beats and hypnotic jams set everything into motion. Their debut performance took place only a few months earlier at the end of August, which made it a delight to see them in action. We look forward to what the future has in store for this talented pair.

After this eclectic performance, the next act started suiting up. Serving as the “secret guest,” this legendary reggae band was also featured on the Issue 9 local cover. That’s right, you guessed it! It was Rochester’s very own Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. Pumping out their reggae groovy tunes that we love, the band put together some rad instrumentals. Even as the night grew late, this group’s trademark sound and skill kept bringing people in. There was a roaring turn out and responsive audience, and the party continued early into the morning. Keeping the tunes going until the very end, this famed band left their mark and helped to create a memorable night.

There was great music, a positive crowd and a room filled with friends. Who could ask for more?Whether it was seeing familiar faces or meeting new ones, the event truly came together. Already in the works of creating Issue 10, Floated looks forward to working with more individuals, businesses, and highlighting all that Rochester has to offer. Thank you to everyone who helped make the night as successful as it was and we look forward to hanging out with you all again soon! Rochester is a passionate place and it is people like you who help it to continue to be such a robust community.

The digital copy of Issue 9 featuring English singer, songwriter and musician Barns Courtney on the cover can be downloaded for free over at our website, or simply click the link below. Until next time, keep grooving.

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