New Music Friday - Warm Your Soul with an Assortment of Stellar Picks

"Posthumous Forgiveness" by Tame Impala

The kings of indie psychedelic tuneage are back and our bodies are warming with just the thought of their next album! Synths, falsetto, and trance beats are giving us the light and warmth we need during this bitter cold winter. Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


"2 In A Million" by Steve Aoki, SHAED, and Sting

The most unlikely combination of artists has arrived and we are SHOOK by the result. The drums that remind us of the 90s, tear-jerking harmonies, and an incredible bass drop. We have not recovered. Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


“Is This The Last Time” by Spoon

In the last few weeks, indie-rock veterans Spoon has been releasing demo versions of songs like “The Underdog” and “Inside Out” featured on their recent greatest hits compilation, ‘Everything Hits at Once.’ However, now they’re really digging through the archives, releasing a demo version of “Is This The Last Time,” a b-side from the ‘Someone Something’ 7” released in 2002, for the first time available to stream or download. The emotionally complex demo with simple rhythms and anxious, but commanding vocals echoes everything that has made Spoon one of the greatest rock bands to emerge during the indie boom in the 2000s. With this release being similar to the re-release of the early b-side “Shake It Off,” Spoon may be teasing a compilation of rarities for the future. You can stream this rarity HERE!

‘A Beautiful Thing: IDLES Live at Le Bataclan’ by IDLES Since the fierce and energetic Bristol punk band released 2017’s ‘Brutalism,’ one of the best debut albums of the decade, Idles has been considered one of the most exciting bands to watch in the last couple years. And as great as their studio recordings are, this new live album displaying a storming gig, gives you better insight on why most critics won’t stop talking about them. You can stream the album HERE!

'The Odd Czar Against Us’ by Czarface Following up their collaborative project with Ghostface Killah from earlier this year, the latest from the underground hip hop trio continues their superhero comics interface with solid and stark battle rhymes and eclectic samples. Like every Czarface release, this one hits you from all directions with the electro hip hop “Dear Computer,” the peculiarity on “Couch” and of course to the “Bomb-Thrown”-esque booming bass line on the masterful “Burrito.” You can stream the album HERE!

‘WHO’ by The Who

Releasing their first studio album of the decade, the Who have recorded an album that confronts aging as a classic rock band. And not only that, but this record in a way is nostalgic with various references and sounds reminiscent to their past work, especially on the opening track. This may not serve or represent their best

collection of songs, but it represents a rare case of a legendary band recording an exceptional album in modern times. But most importantly, it shows that Pete Townsend still hasn’t lost his incredible songwriting abilities and that Roger Daltrey’s voice has been charged and revived. You can stream the album HERE!

“Finally // beautiful stranger” & “SUGA’s Interlude” by Halsey

Halsey has become a driving force in pop music not by her few full-length albums, but by her many singles. Up first “Finally // beautiful stranger,” which may or may not be about her first date with her now ex-boyfriend Yungblud, as she declares it as the first love song she ever wrote. Next up “SUGA’S Interlude,” is short-two minute sketch with BTS member SUGA (obviously). Halsey collaborated earlier this year on the BTS single “Boy with Luv,” so they have a history together. Halsey sings about her uncertainty from rising to fame, while SUGA raps about his insecurities in Korean over an echoing piano beat. You can stream both the singles HERE!

‘Romance’ by Camille Cabello

Camille Cabello is already on her second full-length album since departing from Fifth Harmony in 2016. The new album features an array of guest appearances with DaBaby featured on “My Oh My” and her boyfriend Shawn Mendes on “Señorita.” With the latter

being this year’s “Havana,” Cabello spends her time carefully collecting hits, which is impressive considering how early she into her career. You can stream the album HERE!

"Cash Machine" by Oliver Tree

One of our favorite genre-defying artists is back with a fresh new track that we cannot stop bumping. The lyrics, the beat, vocals....DANG everything is on POINT! Do NOT sleep on this artist, his music is one of the best things to come out of this dumpster fire of decade!