EP Premiere - Stupid November: Sessions I

>> Stupid November is primarily an instrumental band, covering genres ranging from funk to hip hop, psychedelic rock to jazz, and all kinds of variations in between. They capture many different vibes and emotions with their music by using only their instruments. Stupid November also do a fair amount of improvisational jamming which has become a staple to their live act. They hardly ever play a song the exact same way twice, and they love keeping themselves-- and their audience-- on their toes. This EP, 'Sessions 1,' is a new direction for them. It features two Rochester based rappers, Irate Musik and Modyst Vibes. It is a four-song EP, with three songs written by Irate Musik, and one song written by Modyst Vibes. However, all four songs feature both rappers. Stupid November provides all the backing music, and the entire EP was recorded live at Wicked Squid Studio in Rochester, New York. They had an insanely fun time working on these songs, and it came together very naturally and organically. Listen to 'Sessions I' at the link HERE!

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