Alternative Buffalo The Kerfuffle Before Christmas Brings a Night of Holiday Cheer to Buffalo, New Y

>> Night one of The Kerfuffle Before Christmas is complete. Held at the wondrous Buffalo RiverWorks, this year’s The Kerfuffle Before Christmas featured a top notch lineup. The venue was decked out with flashing holiday lights, giant wreaths and a grand Christmas tree -- the holiday spirit was in full swing. Add to that a packed crowd made up of ready to rock fans and you have all that you need.

Kicking the night off and getting the party started was Two Feet, the solo project of Bill Dess. Not only does he play numerous instruments, but he is multifaceted, serving as an all encompassing singer, songwriter, and producer. Being an artist that oversees every step of the creative process, from creation

to execution, Dess produces his sound in his own studio.Originally,

The Strumbellas were on the bill, but due to unfortunate circumstances could no longer attend. However, we were all very fortunate and grateful that Two Feet was kind enough to hop on board last minute. Known for his popular tunes “Go Fuck Yourself,” “I Feel Like I’m Drowning,” and “Love Is a Bitch,” this artist immediately stirred up the crowd. Dess’s moody, silky vocals, blended with the raw, smoky emotion emanating from his lyrics created a magnetic pull. Coupled with hypnotic rhythm, highlights of hip-hop infused beats, ground shaking bass, and soulful slivers of blues and jazz, this all came together to create his sultry, shadow lurking sound. His carefully crafted lyrics and undertones instantly swept up the crowd in a mystic wave.

The next act to hit the stage was lovelytheband, an indie-pop trio that projects powerful lyrics and meaningful messages. Comprised of lead singer Mitchy Collins, guitarist Jordan Greenwald, and drummer Sam Price, their layered live performance stirred the minds and feelings of the audience, surfacing emotions through the songs' relatable themes. Decoding vital conversations that need to be had about topics that sometimes don’t want to be talked about, lovelytheband crafts delicate matters such as anxiety, mental health, and depression into gravitating anthems. They are a genuine band, sharing with us music and meaning, not illusions or false promises. Their addictive sound, lush instrumentals, and ability to capture the raw essence of what it means to be human translates in a way that is relevant and gripping. Actively engaging with the crowd, the atmosphere was ignited as they played some of their top hits such as “broken,” “these are my friends,” “make you feel pretty,” and “maybe, i’m afraid.” The combination of Mitchy’s tasteful vocals, Jordan’s sick riffs, and Sam’s on point beats had the crowd almost bursting through the barricade. Taking moments during their performance to confront real topics, their message resonated with individuals from the front all the way to the very back. Going all in, their style and sincere sound reverberated throughout the venue, even after their set. Leaving a pronounced impression that echoed within the members of the audience even as they went home for the night, lovelytheband’s return is already being eagerly anticipated.

​​Rounding out the night was the highly awaited and widely cherished Jimmy Eat World. Formed in the scorching suns of Mesa, Arizona and jamming since February of 1994, these four rockers are none other than Jim Adkins (vocals/guitar) Tom Linton (guitar/vocals) Rick Burch (bass) and Zach Lind (drums). The paramount dynamic of this group has held up over the years, as they continue to do what they do best. Giving their fans, old and new exactly what they want, their lethal concoction of alternative rock and proper pump pop never disappoints. Providing countless headbangers and their timeless classics such as “The Middle” and more, the crowd flooded the floor as energy levels were immediately amped up. Commanding the stage and rapidly revving up the crowd, the audience responded by belting back their beloved lyrics and timeless tunes. Their raw talent that has proven itself time and time again through topping Alternative Songs charts, solidifying their spot on the Billboard 200, and more, proves that this crew knows how to get the job done. Being masters of their genre and craft, one can learn a lot from these legends. As dance moves were busted out by the crowd, everything came together in classic rock fashion, while still nodding back to some of their emo-pop roots. Concluding the night with nothing short of a solid performance, Jimmy Eat World crushed it, helping to put yet another successful TKBC in the books.

The tunes and fun doesn't stop there though, for this was only night one! Night two is just around the corner, taking place at The Rapids Theatre on Friday, December 13th. Starring another stellar lineup, this event is going to feature Sum 41, The Dirty Nil, and The Unlikely Candidates. Tickets are still available, but grab them while you can. Come on through and continue to celebrate the holiday season.