Great Red, Relaxer, and Aweful Kanawful Bring a Stellar Performance to the Rosen Krown

>> The Rosen Krown hosted a show Sunday night that took on the form of different genres that all brought a special element of their own. The redone Rosen Krown is known throughout the Rochester area for providing a small venue size that packs in huge feelings. It's easy to be close enough to the stage to feel any band's energy. The lighting in the Krown brings a warm overtone to the stage setup that makes for any group to feel right at home. The Great Red’s performance could be described as a mystic world entrance, and a splash of ambient bliss. Zach Kochan’s vocal performance on their new song “Radio Silence” sealed in their sound of an ascending tone of warmth. Kochan’s vocal tone brings a nuance that could be described as lush with full range. There was a full house of fans from all over. The set was wrapped up with a surprise birthday celebration for drummer Andrew Tachine, which exemplifies the strong bonds between the bandmates and their supporters.

During a set change, the local business Adventure Audio raffled off one of their own hand-built pedals for a lucky fan of the groups. Following was Ohio based band “Relaxer." Fuzz, lasers lights, and power moving riffs of dark psychedelic magic goes to show you can never have too many effect pedals for a show; especially when you built the pedals yourself. The owner and founder of “Earthquaker Devices” Jamie Stillman and the Earthquaker crew brought more to the table than an outer world set; they also had an array of their own hand-built pedals on three boards for those looking to demo out their creations and up their pedal arsenal; from tremolos and delays, to polyphonic modulators, the mind bending creators brought enough to make any pedal fanatic feel like a kid in a candy store. It's safe to say the Earthquaker crew turned up the magic in between sets with their limited edition designs for select pedals.

Finally, the night was wrapped up by Rochester band Aweful Kanawful. This group lacks nothing when it comes to putting on a show. The energy that the front man of the group brought had the entire house

swinging and swaying to the sweet groovy sounds of this Rock n’ Roll style arrangement. Not only can these cats rock hard, but their attire was even more of a catch; all dressed to the nines, with looks that could kill. The night all wrapped up leaving the crowd at the Krown satisfied with applause for all three groups thanks to the multiple hot genres that mixed in very well with the audience's ears.