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New Music Friday - Celebratory Indie Jams

December 13, 2019


'Duster' by Duster

One of the most influential indie rock bands Duster are releasing their first official album
in 19 years. Long overdue, the new album still sounds like classic Duster—filled with spacey
and slowcore songs but sounds trippier than anything they did on ‘Stratosphere’ and
‘Contemporary Movement.’ Regardless, this still serves as an excellent introduction the band’s
space-rock sound.

Listen to the album HERE!


 "Criminal" by Jessica Genius


Have you heard any of the new tracks from Jessica Genius? This indie super-group is made up of members of KOPPS and Joywave, and we have their latest release, "Criminal," on repeat! 


Listen to the single HERE! 



 “Text Later” by Spoon

For a month straight, Spoon has been releasing and digitizing demos and rarities from
their archive. Last week, they released the emotionally complex and minimal “Is This The Last
Time.” Now they’re back with another rarity called “Text Later,” previously released on the
2002 split 7” with rock duo Swearing At Motorists. Recorded during the sessions of ‘Series of
Sneaks’ in 1997, this b-side is a punchy minute-long instrumental that’s like a papier-mâché of
almost all the songs recorded on that album. You hear the assertive wildness of “Car Radio” and
the jagged propelling rhythm on “Execution.”

Listen to the single HERE!


“Did My Best” by The Voidz

We last heard from the Voidz (you know that peculiar experimental rock band Julian
Casablancas seems to care a lot more about than the Strokes these days?) this past summer when
they released the absurd and weird experimental dance track “The Eternal Thao,” which was co-
produced by Kirin J Callinan and Mac DeMarco. Now Julian Casablancas and the boys are back
again with the hazy and dreamy single “Did My Best” which shows the band going in a different
direction and less auto-tuned, but more classical vocals from Casablancas.

Listen to the single HERE!


 “In the Afternoon” by MGMT

After releasing their superb comeback album in 2017 ‘Little Dark Age,’ MGMT is back
with the catchy and gothy single “In the Afternoon,” which sounds like a fantastic start to
whatever is next. The single was unveiled at a show last month in Las Vegas and will serve as

the A-side to the band’s upcoming 12” single out this March coming from their own MGMT

Listen to the single HERE!



 ‘All in Good Time’ by Eddy Current Suppression Ring 

Melbourne garage-punks Eddy Current Suppression Ring are releasing their first album
in nearly a decade. ‘All in Good Time’ features minimal, but tense protest punk songs. One of
the standouts “Medieval Wall” features a motorik groove with rapid guitars and vocals from
nervy frontman Brendan Huntley.

Listen to the album HERE!



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