Ben & Katie Morey A Collaborative Conversation

The spirit of collaboration is a potent fuel. When individuals are drawn to one other, their mere proximity is inspired by something as unexplainable as creative passion. Sometimes these unions are temporary, a passing cloud, made only for one rain, and other times these unions become mountains. For Ben and Katie Morey, it started with the Beach Boys and continues with The Submarine School of Music. Ben remembers the moment their music making began: “We met 11 years ago when our bands played at the same show. We didn’t see each other again for a few years and ran into each other at the Bug Jar after we had finished college and moved to Rochester. The first night that we talked, Katie mentioned that she wanted to do a Beach Boys tribute show, which is my favorite band.”

Like wildfire, Ben and Katie began working together, first covering the Beach Boys’ ‘Pet Sounds,’ then a Fleetwood Mac revue (a benefit for Girls Rock Rochester), next on a single to benefit WAYO 104.3FM, until finally formalizing their musical relationship during the making of Ben Morey & The Eyes release ‘Mt. Doom,’ which Katie co-produced.

Though tribute or cover shows are abundant in Rochester’s current musical landscape, the duo feels that even a temporary collaboration is a potent creative tool, providing musicians with new perspectives and ideas without the pressure of being in a band for years. There is a fear that local support for an artist’s original music can dwindle, however.

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