New Music Friday — Some Early Christmas Treats // From Comforting Singles to Resurfacing Gems

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross — 'Watchmen: Vol. 3'

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have released the final chapter of their massive soundtrack trilogy for HBO’s 'Watchmen'. Like the first two volumes, the Nine Inch Nails bandmates continue to give fans greater insight of the aesthetics and music of 'Watchmen'. This one certainly varies more with 'The Fragile'-esque opening “Doomsday Prepper,” filled with its sinister effects. Then there’s the evocative and sensual big band ballad “The Way It Used To Be,” as well as those absorbing synth-driven narrations like “A Man Walks Into An Intrinsic Field.” And who could forget the spacey instrumental cover of David Bowie’s “Life On Mars?” that fills us with awe.

You can stream the final score here.

The Rentals — “Breaking and Breaking and Breaking”

Former Weezer member Matt Sharp proves to us once again he’s the reason for their decline. Now, he and his beloved band the Rentals who have an unusual lineup change, are back with the latest single for their ambitious spaced-themed double album 'Q36.' This blasting synth-rocker feels like more like a classic Rentals track from the ‘90s compared to the previous psych pop singles that sounded more like typical Dave Fridmann collaborations.

You can stream the single here.

Dr. Dog — 'Oh My Christmas Tree Volume 2'

The beloved Philly indie rock band Dr. Dog are finally following up their 2013 Christmas EP with its second part that features four more quirky lo-fi Christmas songs. These indie rock Christmas songs make references to the Christmas classics we all love, but are pleasantly weird in typical Dr. Dog fashion.

You can stream the holiday EP here.

Bombay Bicycle Club — “Racing Stripes”

The British indie-pop group Bombay Bicycle Club are really making a fine comeback and have shared the beautifully airy and melancholic “Racing Stripes,” the third single for their upcoming album 'Everything Else Has Gone Wrong' that feels like a real step-forward for the band. It’s been revealed that the new track was born from a period of writer’s block. Frontman Jack Steadman said “It's a good example of the emotional rollercoaster you go through. I was like, this is it, I can't do this anymore, and then the next morning you're like, ah, this is a really good song. The relief!” There’s also a beautifully-shot music video that was filmed in Norway for the single that you can watch below.

Stream the single here.

Vince Staples — “Hell Bound”

“Hell Bound” is the latest of new songs Vince Staples has released for his web series 'The Vince Staples Show.' This new solid single is fueled with synths that carries a catchy mid-tempo beat. The latest track is also paired with a parodic advertisement for The Vince Staples Show+, launched as a “new streaming service-inspired website that will host all things Vince.”

Stream the single here.

Patio — “Reality State”

After releasing one of the finest albums of 2019 with 'Essentials,' the New York trio Patio recently released an outtake from their debut album. According to the band in a statement, this unreleased track is “the older cousin of “New Reality” from 'Essentials' and presents a different take on the cognitive dissonance of living in a world on fire.” The outtake includes some minimal, but soaring and slow-grooving post-punk riffs that continue to show why Patio was one of the best new bands of the year.

You can stream the single here.

Jarvis Cocker & Kaiser Quartett — “Running the World”

Jarvis Cocker’s classic 2006 single “Running the World” got a second release following the U.K. Election, but has become revised and modernized. This new version features the German stringed sensemble the Kaiser Quartett, who brings the tracks a modern-classical mood that’s perfect for an early Christmas present. However, the track acts as a protest to Boris Johnson’s recent re-election and is currently in the race for the #1 Christmas song in the UK.