Artist Spotlight: Stefan Fella

>> Stefan Fella of Rochester, NY is making waves around the art scene. As a passionate New York tattoo artist, his work is well known among locals in the community. Currently you can find him working at Have Hope Tattoo and Gallery. Stefan Fella is also the proud inventor of Hoodlings, a wearable toy that anyone can enjoy.

Stefan's trendsetting style as a tattoo artist focuses on everything from Illustrative traditional to black and gray realism. By channeling his passion for art, Stefan has honed in on a wonderful concept known as Hoodlings. Currently, he is working on building the Hoodlings brand, a wearable toy paired with a mobile game that allows individuals to bond in a fun and interactive way. In addition to Hoodlings, Stefan enjoys working digitally to create truly magical works of art. One of the ways Stefan expresses his love for Digital Art is through making stickers for local businesses. He believes stickers are a way for people to connect simply through imagery.

What makes Stefan such a wonderful artist is the love and passion he has for his hometown of Rochester. With the purpose of giving back, he has launched a tattoo project aimed at raising awareness of the issues surrounding mental health. The project is called “Tiny Troubles," and the tattoos can be used as a visual representation to symbolically store any bad energy that may flow throughout one's body. If you want more information on Hoodlings, Tiny Troubles or tattoo inquiries, feel free to reach out to Stefan directly on Instagram or email.

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