EP Review - Willa Finck: Ask Me Why

>> On her debut solo EP, Copper Hill’s founding member Willa Finck creates a moody and intimate atmosphere with her contemplative songwriting and sonorous instrumentation.

Willa Finck’s debut solo EP 'Ask Me Why' finds the violinist and singer-songwriter exploring a looming and brooding take on folk pop with dark lyrical content that confronts emotional trauma, depression and anger. Finck has a tremendous track record from fronting her own band to being a violinist for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. On her debut EP, Finck’s warm and stretching vocals fill the room along with an elegant palette of minimal instrumentation that features Sterling Cozza on piano and Nathan Kay playing the trumpet.

On the opening title track, Finck declares in the chorus “So when I'm angry will you look to the side and pass me by / or when I'm angry will you look into my eyes and ask me why” over some upbeat piano chords and minimal and haunting pizzicato strings. The clarity of her vocals lends to more honest and thoughtful anecdotes particularly on the track “Ask Me Why,” that wrap around her rich and dramatic layers of instrumentals. The dark and murky descending piano chords along with Finck’s gloomy vocals on “It’s More Than This” correlate wonderfully with the album’s mantra. And the somborous instrumentals that suddenly shift to a gripping and flourishing trumpet solo by Kay, shines a light. The closing track “I Never Knew” is filled with minimal layers that feel more traditional, but much more vibrant and vivid.

On 'Ask Me Why,' Finck creates an engaging experience that is both personal and honest. Each song shows her confronting her distresses and in the end, 'Ask Me Why' ends up being a fortifying declaration of soul-searching with everything in its right place. Finck’s meticulous and minimal touches on 'Ask Me Why' are accolades in their own right and something to keep an eye out.

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