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Single Premiere - The Able Bodies: SYNCHRO

January 7, 2020

>> The Rochester based duo The Able Bodies with members John Viviani and Elijah
Flynn are known for their wavy mix of electronic, funk, and indie-pop styles.
Their songs are filled with imagery that lets the mind create its own story while rocking along to these groovy jams. The duo is known for their hit track “Flicker” that made waves with national press. The duo's attire grabs like something straight out of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The Able Bodies contain flash and fashion, and their music released so far has been spot on and with the times. If you are interested in traveling back to an era where track suits and turtlenecks were found on every block you may want to give this duo a good listen. The group creates sounds that make your hips move to the beat with guitar riffs that are subtle but powerful in rhythm, including keys that get you jumping. Their newest endeavor release titled “SYNCHRO” has all the elements that one could describe as hopping in a space buggy, and cruising over low gravity jams into the cosmos. There is a force that has a strong presence with this number that has a grab for groove and funk. If there ever was a song that could turn a rainy day into a sun filled warmth; that would be this song. Listen to the track at the link below.







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