Show Coverage: Maybird at Three Heads Brewing

>>Rochester favorites Maybird ushered in a new era of local tunes with their electrifying set Saturday night at Three Heads Brewery. The band’s first show of 2020 proved to be a psychedelic feast for the senses. Tight, transient songs were coupled with a colorful background projection for a warm vibe that lasted the whole set.

The boys opened with “Gonna Lose Your Mind,” a catchy ride off their latest album Things I Remember from Earth. The set was anchored by hits like “Don’t Keep Me Around,” “Keep in Line,” and “Turning into Water.” Audience members journeyed through musical space and time under the leadership of Josh Netsky’s vocals, Sam Snyder’s evocative lead guitar, and the solid rhythm section of Benton Sillick on bass and Adam Netsky on drums.

To close out the evening, Maybird dropped their take of The Cars’ famous hit “Just What I Needed.” While true to the feel of the original tune, there was some definite psych-pop flavor, surely appreciated by the group’s fans.

As the band moves through the new year, the scene looks forward to welcoming Maybird back to their hometown again soon.

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