New Music Friday — So Many Tunes, So Little Time

Joywave — “Half Your Age”

Rochester-based indie rock darlings Joywave recently announced an upcoming nationwide tour along with a new LP, titled 'Possession' out this March. Along with this, the band also released the spacey new single “Half Your Age” that features glowing synths and punchy vocals. The title of the new single was hinted at in the music video of “Obsession” as a movie title along with the single “Blank State.”

Stream the single here.

Black Lips — “Rumbler”

The Black Lips are back with a new song called “Rumbler,” which is about a G.I Joe doll, code-named Rumbler that may or may not be based off of bassist’s Jared Swilley’s great uncle.

The band again blends their style of fuzz guitars with classic garage rock and outlaw country music on the incredibly catchy new single. The new single comes a couple weeks ahead of their upcoming album 'Sing In A World That’s Feeling Apart,' out January 24.

Stream the latest single here.

Post Animal — “Fitness”

“Fitness” is the latest single from Post Animal’s upcoming album 'Forward Motion Godyssey,' out in February. The epic muti-movement single is adventurous and features a terrain of unpredictable sonic layers and looping percussion. The explosive new single follows the more psychedelic pop-accessible “Schedule” and “Safe or Not.” It will be interesting how the new album will sound with the new single off it sounding much more grander and different than the previous ones.

Stream the single here.

Caroline Rose — “Feel the Way I Want”

Caroline Rose is back with the single “Feel the Way I Want” for her upcoming album 'Superstar' out this March. The album will follow up her brilliant 2017 record 'LONER,' the album where Rose reinvented herself. And her newest single that’s brewed with electrifying synth-funk and energetic dance-rock continues her new style.

Stream the newest single here.

Selena Gomez — 'Rare'

'Rare' is the first album from Selena Gomez since 2015’s electropop-inspired 'Revival,' a high point in Gomez’s career. She teased the new album back in October with the two songs “Lose You to Love Me” and Look at Her Now.” The record embraces self-love and moving on with a vocal delivery that is both confident and liberating. It also includes a couple collaborations with 6LACK and Kid Cudi.

Stream the new album here.

Wasted Shirt (Ty Segall & Brian Chippendale) — “Double the Dream”

Ty Segall has now formed yet another side project called Wasted Shirt, with Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale. The first single from their upcoming debut album is “Double the Dream” and it features everything you would expect from the new duo. Spiraling drumming, wild and distorted guitars with plenty of fuzz and effects, and of course Segall’s frantic vocals. Check out the very cool and crazy stop motion animated video below.

Stream the newest single here.

Tame Impala — “Lost In Yesterday”

Tame Impala’s frontman Kevin Parker is giving us one more preview for his band’s

highly-anticipated fourth album 'The Slow Rush' before its release next month with the hazy and reflective “Lost In Yesterday.” Lyrically Parker dwells about existential thoughts but sings about not overly obsessing over them and just accept life for what it is. The lyrics are paired well with

the super punchy and tight-grooving looped drums and colorful guitars and keyboards that’s reminiscent to 2015’s 'Currents.'

Stream the latest single here.