Artist Spotlight: Will Cornfield

"Photography is something that I enjoy. It makes me happy. I love seeing it, and I love making it. My work is a cross between all types of photography. It includes portraits, landscapes, still-life, and nature. What I capture represents my life. How I see things and what things I think are beautiful. The best moments make the most beautiful photos. I try to make photos that make me feel comfortable and warm. Work that is easy to look at and reminds people of paintings and things that make them comfortable.

This year the majority of my work was shot on film. I’ve come to love it. There’s a feeling behind film that you can’t quite capture with digital. It’s got this gorgeous texture that is the base behind my photos. Film is something that I used to be scared to use. I took my time to set up the perfect shot in hopes to create something amazing. Now, I believe that I need to focus less to shoot film. Capture moments as they come and accept the imperfections as they are.

I’m very influenced by other photographers who capture moments as they come as well. Photographers that have a great feeling and eye. People who see imperfections as beautiful. I’m also very influenced by films. I try to make my photos look very cinematic. Films are beautiful and they are full of beautiful moments. I find them to be some of the best inspirations to fuel my photography.

I want to have new experiences with nature and people this year while continuing to capture these moments the best I can. I’m excited for 2020 and the work that is to come."

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