Single Premiere - Soviet Dolls: Cruel Summer

>> If the winter blues have you longing for the dog days of summer, Soviet Dolls have got you covered with their rendition of “Cruel Summer.

The song suits the aesthetic of the dark synth band. Their original music and artwork incorporate retro 80’s elements. Covering a classic hit from the period came naturally. “Cruel Summer” was a single released in ‘83 by Bananrama, which hit the US charts when it was featured in The Karate Kid. It was a rebuttal to pop songs glorifying summertime.

A few years ago, a friend suggested they cover the song. Soviet Dolls played around with it a bit before shelving the song to work on other projects.

“When we revisited it this year, it just came really easy,” said band member Matthew Cavallaro. “I think it fits the vibe very well.”

While the original is very minimalist, recorded with just a keyboard and a primitive drum machine. The Soviet Dolls’ version is drenched in decadent sonic texture, capturing the original motif and adding techno flair. The song is also a great vehicle for showcasing the band’s new vocalist.

“We met Emily Brown when we were doing production work on a different project, said Cavallaro. “We’ve worked with some great singers in the past, and Emily is a great fit for our new stuff moving forward.”

Stay tuned for more music to come.

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