Art Spaces and Galleries in the Rochester Area

>> You can find several galleries (as well as cafes and venues) in the Rochester area that actively showcase the work of local creators. If you're ever in the market to purchase some pieces of art for your home or office but aren't sure where to start, these galleries and venues are a great place to begin. If not to buy, perusing is just fine as well.

Art Museum of Rochester (AMoR) is an awesome space on Monroe - a small art gallery complete with a bar, and light, rotating food options. They exist for the "sole purpose of celebrating creativity." There are pieces from multiple artists up at a time. There is some consistent rotating of art works and artists,but there are also some pieces in the wall that have seemingly claimed their space and become a part of gallery (such as some metalworking pieces, and an exquisite wooden bench). Keep up with their featured art and events on Instagram.

Fuego Coffee Roasters has done a wonderful job cultivating a coffee community as well as involving itself in the art community. Moving to a new location this past year, they have quickly made it a home complete with good beverage and beautiful art rotating on its walls. There is a new artist there every month, as well as a First Friday party to celebrate the new additions. Currently on exhibit is artist Megan, an anatomical pyrographer. Keep up with their art program and events on their website.

The Bug Jar has been a beloved DIY music venue for a number of years, though you can also spot an edgy work of art or two as you play pool, or make your way into the stage area. The Lobby is the art gallery that exists inside. For over 8 years, art shows have been rotating in and out and while the focus has been on the Rochester art scene, notable street and graffiti artists from NYC have been through. The Lobby showcases artists with their own unique style, and a n appreciation for elevating the local art scene. Stay updated on their somewhat bi-monthly rotating artists and first Friday events on Instagram.

ARTISANworks is a massive, alternative gallery experience. This facility is jam packed with a collection from a multitude of artists, over 500,000 pieces in all. ARTISANworks exists and functions completely void of government assistance, and on the generosity of supporters via fundraisers, purchasing/leasing-to-own artwork, and membership. Visiting this space, which strives to be the complete opposite of a snobby, art gallery experience, is definitely a visual adventure. ARTISANworks is here to support artists local and beyond. Learn more on their website.

UUU Art Collective is a gallery with owners who promote art in which cultural conversations are at the forefront, between artist and audience. Their current artist for the month is Buffalo artist Muhammad Zaman, but only until January 14th! Follow their events, and announcement of future artists on their website.

The Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) exists as a means to present an alternative to museums and commercial galleries, and to expand the cultural offerings of the region. RoCo is the reason we have the citywide first Friday art gallery event. It seeks to create community through conversations by actively seeking out new voices to feature, present works from NY state artists and beyond, and also provides educational and networking opportunities to artists. There are multiple artists featured in their earthen exhibit, on display until Jan 12th. Keep up with their current events in Instagram.

Image City Photography Gallery has been located in the Neighborhood of the Arts for over 13 years, and showcases visual artists in the area. Currently on exhibit is their annual "The Magic of Light" collaborative show in which the work of 84 different photographers is presented. Anyone can visit the gallery free of charge during the week. Check out their website for more information!