Artist Spotlight: Austin Retzlaff

>> Austin Retzlaff, born and raised in Rochester, NY, is a graphic designer by day with interests in visual arts, animation and music. In the last year, he has focused on collaborating with local bands and DJs to project live visual material as part of their performances. Using a single projector and his laptop, Austin uses a free software program called GLMixer to project and layer pre-composed looping videos, as well as Adobe AfterEffects to create original material such as an animated text treatment of a band's name to appear during their show. His work is strongly influenced by both his experiences with underground and experimental arts performance at Oberlin and Hampshire College, as well as by large-scale visual productions in the music space such as those employed by Tycho, Odesza, Flying Lotus, Skrillex and more.

Austin seeks to bring a large-scale visual sense of imagination, beauty and ambience to a variety of shows, from intimate jazz performances to energetic dance nights at clubs and bars. He has performed at Swan Dive, Small World Books, Cure and most recently the Jackrabbit Club, with local favorites such as Lost Wax Collective, Danielle Ponder, Daggz, Ina Lisa Lotus and MF Skum, not to mention other hometown acts and touring artists including Mari Geti, ELUS, Emci Kyng and DJ Martha Stewart.

Austin also has experience with branding, photography, marketing and graphic design, which he has used to create graphics to promote shows by many of the aforementioned artists. You can view his work online or Instagram and contact Austin via Instagram or