Run River North: the freedom of a new sound

>>Music has no parameters, no set of rules. It lays at the hands of its creator, to be molded and shared. We bring music into our lives every day. Serving as a narrative of our own stories, songs become the words, emotions, and perceptions that we write about ourselves. Capturing fragments of our imagination, they can also forge a crescendoing tale of characters or events we have yet to encounter. As a result, music is ever-evolving. Waning and waxing it shifts and shimmys into different directions, each move leaving a footprint of its own meaning and design. When it comes to an expanding sound, one band in particular has gone through this exploratory journey.

Breaking into the music scene in 2011, this Korean-American band originally consisted of six members and went by the name Monsters Calling Home. Based out of Los Angeles, the group underwent some adjustments, materializing with the name Run River North. With their first self titled album released in February of 2014, they went on to drop their second album “Drinking from a Salt Pond” in the same month two years later. Not long after, their EP “Superstition” emerged in 2017. With their earlier works revolving within the realm of indie folk-rock, they graphed their path by nurturing a harmonious blend of genres, taking an alternative edge and wedding it with delicate acoustic melodies. Coupled with the gravitating charm of gently woven strings, their emotional and grassroot instrumentals emitted an authentic soundscape. With the passing of time, their sound shifted, entering the sphere of predominantly alternative rock. These were not the only fluctuating pieces however, as three members departed along the way. The band currently consists of Alex Hwang (lead vocals/guitar), Daniel Chae (guitar/backing vocals) and Sally Kang (keys/vocals). Despite previous altercations, the trio still captures a robust and full-bodied sound. Continuing to fine-tune their craft, they released in May of this year their EP “Monsters Calling Home, Vol. 1” with the name serving as a nod back to their beginning. Using this momentum, they dropped their most recent EP, a five-piece release titled “Monsters Calling Home Vol.2.” Fashioning a revamped sound, these two EPs present a pronounced transition. Embarking upon new terrain, their unfolding sound has become a reflective declaration of cultivating their current mood and perspective. Click here to continue reading.<<

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