Show Coverage: Kopps at Bugjar

>>Bug Jar was jam packed this past Saturday night, the 25th for a Y2K themed dance party. A set by DJ Chreath sported all the jams from the early 2000s started the night out, followed by an extravagant set from local band Kopps.

The venue was dressed with rainbow streamers draped across the ceiling, and a bunch of multi color balloons that straddled the ground, and bounced off of heads and drink glasses in the crowd.

At about a quarter to 11, the lights went out, except for a few red sirens up front, and Kopps members fought through the crowd to take the stage. They played banger after banger like "Dumb," "Virtual Reality," and "Hott" which features Joywave in the original recording (who had at least a couple members in attendance). It was during this electrifying performance that Kopps also took the opportunity to share about their upcoming EP that should be debuting at some random point this spring (but we're pretty sure "it's gonna be May").

Every song they played was met with great enthusiasm, and dancing in the crowd, including their new song "Bad Thing," which attendees got to be the ears to ever hear it. Toward the end of the set, singer Patricia Patrón hosted the short "best dressed" contest on stage where one glorious person shimmied their way to victory, and was crowned "queen of the posers." The audience was in love with classic, choreographed movements of the band, and the long and majestic ponytail paired with a tube top, and glitter Patrón sported that night.

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