Run River North Bring Powerful, Addictive Tunes to Mohawk Place

>>Back out to the 716 that is Buffalo, our home away from home. More specifically to Mohawk Place, or should I say Palace, well we’ll get to that later. This past Sunday was a night to remember as two bands took the Mohawk stage amidst the bellowing snow and chilling cold . First to get our blood pumping was “New Dialogue” the LA based band of five made up of members Ela Kitapci (vocals), Taylor Morrow (vocals), Jason Rodriguez (drums), Michael Sevilla (guitar), and Jeff Badagliacca (bass). The alternative, indie-pop quintet filled the room with energy and instantly captured everyone’s attention with their vibrant and lively personalities. It’s evident that this band loves what they do and it readily shows in their performance. Providing continuous spirit and animation that never left for a second, their charm and musicianship was contagious.

With powerful, addictive tunes supported by profound lyrics and heartfelt messages, “New Dialogue” is a band that should be on everyone’s radar. Between their engagement with the crowd, sincere love and appreciation for their fans, stellar stage presence, and easy on the ear songs, they provided the right dose of everything to get the night going. Playing some of their hits such as “Fake Smile,” “Are You Like Me,” “Neon Ocean,” and more, the crowd soaked in their sweet sounds from start to finish. Ending their set with their latest release “Pilgrims,” its meaning deeply resonated with the crowd as Ela and Taylor shared that it serves as an anthem for us to remember that we all can be whoever we want to be. Tastefully wedding music and meaning, we look forward to what 2020 holds for these five.

Up next was the highly anticipated “Run River North,” another LA based band known for their transformative sound. Comprised of Alex Hwang (vocals/guitar), Daniel Chae (guitars/vocals), Sally Kang (keys/vocals), and joined by drummer Fer Fuentes, the trio are currently on their 2020 “lonely weather, favorite sweater” tour. Welcoming in the new year as well as a new chapter for the band, their current sound reflects their personal, internal shift in emotions and outlook on life. Bringing forth some of their most groove driven and catchy tunes yet, they are embracing their current feelings, translating it into some of their most fearless build-ups, climatic choruses and hooking songs yet.

Adding their own spin to the show, they brought handfuls of printed pamphlets, serving as an interactive tool between them and the audience. Laying out the order of the show, each section had various songs, allowing the crowd to call out which tunes they wanted to hear and in which order. Closing the gap between themselves and the crowd, this collaborative approach personalized both the space and the performance. Creating more of an intimate setting, one could tell that the band, especially lead vocalist Alex, were driven by their feelings and instincts. It was refreshing to collectively share a moment that was raw and not premeditated. Every decision, every bit of dialogue between songs with the audience was organic and authentic. Whether they were making people laugh or addressing more serious matters, everyone there knew that the

purity of that night and their performance could never be replicated. With each of their shows being different in every city, there is a restoration in knowing that you were part of something genuine and new, not massed produced.

Alex shared that beforehand, he thought that the name of the venue was Mohawk Palace, not Mohawk Place, which as a result was printed on their show pamphlets and served as a running joke for the remainder of the night. Adding to the fun was their “intermission,” where they paused halfway through the show for a coffee break with one of the audience members. Creating lasting memories and a one of a kind experience, the night was a joyous dance party as they played some of their propelling, pop-jam tunes such as “Casina,” “Wake Up!,” “I’m Amazing,” “OKAY? Cool,” and more. Also playing some fan favorites such as “Lying Beast,” “Hands Up!,” “Rearview,” “Growing Up,” “29,” and their beloved cover of “The Killers” “Mr. Brightside” nobody wanted the night to end. Still carrying out their tour through the end of February, we eagerly await the return of “Run River North” and to see the continued evolution of their show with that signature, personal touch.