Young Salut: Brings Creativity to the Walls of Rochester

>>It’s 11am on a Sunday morning. You’ve got your favourite sugary cereal, you’re still in your PJ’s and you flip on TV to find your favourite cartoon playing. The soft glow of the late morning sun spills around the edges of the drawn curtains as you lose yourself in the shapes, colours, and overall fantasy of a world you know so well. Think about how you’d feel in that scene and cast it onto a canvas – this is the work of native Rochesterian Bradd Young. Under the artist name Young Salut, Bradd is painter, sculptor, graphic designer – a creator in every sense of the word. Since he was a kid, Bradd was always fascinated by cartoons and the feelings that come with enjoying them. He explains that “I think I first fell in love with TV shows like cartoons, old animations – like Wallace and Gromit – I always thought that was the coolest form of art, so that’s what I first thought I was gonna do.”

In college, Bradd found himself working with fine art and developing his technical skills, but he still held an interest in the artwork of cartoons. His current body of work reflects the union between the youthful spirit of his childhood self and the fine artists of his present self. Bradd’s creative process is just as intuitive and fluid as his work. Using bright colours, soft and round shapes, and surreal characters, Bradd’s work directly follow the themes and vibes of what inspires him. Bradd will often watch cartoons or listen to music and in the moment, measure his feelings and put them directly into his art in an attempt to capture the purest form of the mood. He expresses that “all my work goes off of vibes – it’s like an initial reaction and I try to put it on the canvas before I forget it.” - Continue reading the article here.