New Music Friday — Capping off the First Month

>>With so much music that was released today and throughout the week, it can be overwhelming and difficult to determine what to listen to. But we managed to string up a list of some of the best new releases to make things easier for you. From Torres’ new self-determined album to the latest synthetic release from Destroyer, here are some highlights of New Music Friday

Torres — 'Silver Tongue'

After being dropped from her label after her 2017 album 'Three Futures' “for not being commercially successful enough,” Torres, aka Mackenzie Scott, kept moving forward even after taking a break from music. Her new album 'Silver Tongue' which is entirely self-produced, already sounds like one of the finest and strongest releases of the year. Scott continues to utilize what she did on 'Three Futures,' but in a more accessible and consistent way and where she finally sounds like herself again.

Stream the new album here.

Bullant — 'Tyson, Crying'

Joey Walker, best known as one of the guitarists and vocalists for the highly prolific King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, just released his debut LP for his new experimental electronic project Bullant. Walker’s project was a mystery at first, but after a couple singles and a short film, it turns out Walker’s project is just a curious and explorative detour of minimal electronic music with its shadowy beats and hypnotic grooves.

Stream the new album here.

Destroyer — 'Have We Met'

Throughout his career, Dan Bejar, the mastermind behind Destroyer, has never identified with a style or scene; he’s always been unpredictable. From glam rock to chamber pop to even smooth jazz and ‘80s pop at one point, the modern indie rock star now shifts to a new territory. On his 12th release, Bejar makes ambitious and explorative electronic music that’s drenched with sonic soundscapes, buzzing samples, and his classically grim, but amusing storytelling.

Stream the new album here.

Courier Club — “We All Want to Be There”

The brand new Philly-based post-punk band Courier Club are back with another explosive and energetic single that’s strikingly good. “We All Want to Be There” includes some punchy vocals that are wonderfully paired with a tight instrumentation that’s charged by a crunching bassline and is filled with plenty of distortion and effects.

Stream the new single here.

Dua Lipa — “Physical”

Dua Lipa just released another single for her upcoming sophomore album 'Future Nostalgia,' out April 3. “Physical” continues a hot streak of disco burners including lead single “Don’t Start Now” and the title track. The adrenaline-fueled somewhere between ghostly electro-pop and nu-disco single is filled with soaring synths and stirring lyrics that directly calls back to the classic ‘80s dance-hit gem by Olivia Newton-John.

Stream the latest single here.

Gorillaz — “Momentary Bliss” (feat. slowthai and Slaves)

Throughout the week, Gorillaz were teasing a mysterious new project called 'Song Machine.' Yesterday, we found out exactly what this project is— a series of collaborative singles, aka “episodes,” that will be released throughout the year. The first installment “Momentary Bliss” is a collaboration with the politically charged British rapper slowthai and the UK punk duo Slaves. Slowthai’s verse is filled with his hard-hitting and biting vocals, reminiscent to Terry Hall of The Specials, that melts with the ska and British punk rock instrumentals from Slaves. And of course it wouldn’t be a Gorillaz track without some quirky, cheap-sounding beats and synths. This is definitely one of the more exciting Gorillaz tracks post-'Plastic Beach'-era, where the features aren’t as overwhelming like on 'Humanz' and the instruments aren’t as bland like on 'The Now Now.'

Stream the newest single here.

Chromatics — “TOY”

Earlier this week, Chromatics returned with a fresh gauzy and dreamy single called “Toy” which arrives in three different versions: “TOY,” “TOY (On Film),” and “TOY (Instrumental).” The new single continues the dream-pop savants’ dive into dark ‘80s synth-pop that features singer Ruth Radelet’s heavenly tragically sung vocals. In a statement about the track, Radelet said, “It’s a song about trying to forget someone you’re still in love with even though they treat you like an object.”

Stream the newest single here.

Wild Nothing — 'Laughing Gas'

After releasing a couple standalone leftover tracks from the sessions of 2018’s 'Hard Times' last year, frontman Jack Tatum finally announced an EP comprised of leftover material from those same sessions. All five tracks are a nod to retro ‘80s synth-pop, an aesthetic Tatum loves flirting with. “Foyer,” the EP’s second single is the best example of this with its dark, looming layers of new wave synths and drum machines.

Stream the newest EP here.

Fernway — “I Have to Return Some Video Tapes”

Rising Buffalo alt rockers Fernway have released the new single “I Have to Return Some Video Tapes” possibly from their upcoming EP which will be released at a show in March. The new single, a clear direct quote from the movie 'American Psycho,' opens with a smooth, but assertive riff that later spirals into an intense whirl filled with shaky vocals, ripping guitars and sporadic drums.

Stream the newest single here.

Hexvessel — “Demian”

The psychedelic “dark forest” folk and blues rock Finland band Hexvessel shared the first single for their upcoming album 'Kindred,' out March 20 via Svart Records. “Demian” draws upon the same late ‘60s psych rock they’re typically influenced by, but now blended with some early-King Crimson prog-like structures that’s imaginative and fresh.

Stream the newest single here.

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