Video Premiere: Tulip Tiger Veers Towards Something Pleasantly Mysterious on “Who Ha”

>>After releasing his stellar and adventurous debut album 'Your Muse Follows Me' last summer, Tulip Tiger’s Augustus Watkins is back with an upcoming three-track EP 'My Higher Self Is Really Dope,' that comes out tomorrow via Give/Take Records. Today, he has shared the opening track “Who Ha” that is also accompanied by a playful and colorful visual.

Hailing from the state of Minnesota, but now based in the Czech Republic, the freewheeling Tulip Tiger crafts luminous grooves that are instantly hypnotic and sometimes eerie at times on the single “Who Ha.” The new single is accompanied by an engrossing visual created by Cait Greeley that features an array recurrence of shapes and designs that are featured on the EP’s cover art and perfectly in-sync with the inventive soundscape.

“Who Ha” begins with a blast of harsh, but surging synths that sound like sirens over the throbbing beat. The shadowy and hazy synths soon swerve into a territory that’s more glittery and adventurous. During the break down, the sonic textures begin to fade away, but eventually picks up and becomes even more massive.

Like most electronic musicians today, Watkins is inspired by big beat, film scores and hip hop. However, sometimes he signals to some Arabic music, jazz and rock. Tulip Tiger is a project where Watkins can do whatever he wants; there’s nothing holding him back.

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