Charlie Blu: Jewelry That Empowers Women Across the Globe

>>Caitlin Moody is the creator, owner, and artistic powerhouse behind Charlie Blu, a local, hand-crafted jewelry line that empowers its wearers to make a statement. “I can’t even believe that I’m doing this,” Moody expresses. For Caitlin Moody, her jewelry line Charlie Blu is a dream realized, one that has come after years of hard work and learning how to grow a business. What started as a kitchen project, creating gifts for family and friends, has scaled into a full-time endeavor, selling out pieces regularly. With aesthetically dreamy social media platforms and increasing requests for pop-ups, Moody and her brand are not slowing down any time soon.

Early on, Moody encountered some challenges getting the business off the ground. Start-up money was tight. Working full-time as a caregiver left her with little time for creative experimenting. Learning how to start a business on her own was intimidating. Moody came to the project with a solid artistic background as a craftsperson but “didn’t know much about anything besides creating.” Her work started as simple stud earrings and other minimalistic jewelry. For about two years, Moody kept Charlie Blu quiet because she was worried about keeping up with the demand for orders.

Turns out, keeping a low profile wasn’t all bad. It allowed Moody to try different artistic approaches to her craft without the pressure of harsh social media criticism. She honed in on her medium – polymer clay – and fell in love with a style – bold, statement earrings. Finally, Moody struck gold on Instagram. She began to sell out collections and garner a passionate following of #BluBabes all around the world. Continue reading here.