Premier: The Blowies - "AK"

>>Austin based punk-duo, The Blowies, debut their new politically driven song “AK”.

Amidst the tumultuous election season of 2016 various memes joked about the possibility for politically charged aggressive punk music to take the center stage in rock music again. A combination of all the pent-up rage and injustices from a Trump Presidency would bring us back to the glory days of punk in the 80’s when they attacked right-sided American ideals perpetrated by Ronald Reagan’s administration. So far that has not even come close to happening. Rock bands today are often politically neutral as possible. It’s easy to argue this lack of awareness in rock music has made the genre feel flat, out of touch, and virtually non-existent in mainstream culture. Austin based punk-duo, The Blowies, led by Tucker Jameson and Samuel Thompson, have all intentions of changing that dynamic with their brash fast and fun jam “AK” off their debut EP “The Blowies Care”.

In this song The Blowies take a sarcastic look at the lives of Americans and their hypocrisy when it comes to gun violence and ownership. “AK” begins with The Blowies ridiculing the ideals of masculinity associated with possessing firearms, stating “I need an AK to feel like a man”. In a nation where there are more guns than people, The Blowies lambast a society who ironically feels safe by having more deadly weapons than citizens. The song follows a quick classic punk rock move, clocking in at barely over two minutes; boasting a sarcastic anthem with a simple chorus in a high-pitched yelp that is memorable upon first listen. The Blowies also criticize American staples such as the NRA and Christian-based homophobia and how these institutions perpetrate violence and hatred for fellow citizens, although they hide under the guise of keeping people safe. The lyrics and vocal performances are placed at the forefront of the song, with a clear emphasis being placed on what is being said. In an age where musicians are turning away from political issues to avoid the divisive nature of contemporary American society, The Blowies tear that current pattern down with their middle fingers in the air the entire time. Check out the track below to hear a punk rock jam that is refreshing, appropriate, fun, and relevant about our current times.

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