>>“Great Red”, an Alternative Indie-Rock group from Rochester N.Y., has been making waves in the local scene recently! We recently got to sit down with the members Zach Kochan (vocals), Mark Bamann (guitar), Will Smillie (synth), Andrew Tachine (drums), and Ryan Yarmel (bass). Together, the group has mastered an ambient alt- rock sound blending lush and melodic vocals with ambient atmospheric soundscapes The 5–piece group speaks of all the work that they are putting in to make 2020 their best year yet.

The group started off the new year by recording music at their lake-house in beautiful Honeoye N.Y. Since adding Andrew and Ryan to the band, Great Red has clearly found their footing and ability to create the sound that they have been looking for. It has not always been that easy, however. The band pumped out three albums between 2018 and 2019. When speaking of these albums, Zach explained that they “had to scrap all the drums” for their self-titled album “Great Red” and that their second album, “Die Alone” took them roughly six months to write.

Overcoming these struggles has contributed to Great Red’s recent popularity in Rochester, however. When we asked if Great Red would be open to the idea of collaborating with other Rochester icons such as Maybird, Joywave, and KOPPS, if given the chance, the guys didn’t hesitate to say that they would like that idea! Zach went on to say that they have collaborated in the past and would be down to explore that idea more in the future.

As a listener, it is always interesting to speculate about where our favorite artists find inspiration. When we asked the group this very question, they talked about how they draw inspiration from other musicians. Ryan explained that

“when you’re at a gig, your perception is on and you realize that you want to have a certain thing to deliver to the audience that you don’t have yet. So you go on and make that material!”

With all of the progress that Great Red has made in recent years, it’s hard to imagine them not creating music. But, the boys do know how to relax from time to time, and explained that it's important to them to step back from it all sometimes and find different outlets to recharge when working endlessly on new material. One of their favorite outlets is rock climbing at Rochester's own “Central Rock Gym”. They said that they are there almost daily!

By the end of our conversation, it was clear that the guys from Great Red are hopeful and full of energy for the new year and their new album. Be sure to go and check out Great Red perform with rising artist Boy Jr. along with a new emerging local project Sudsy this Saturday (2/22/20) at the Bug Jar