New Music Friday — A Cluster of Hazy and Soulful Grooves

>>With so much music that was released today and throughout the week, it can be overwhelming and difficult to determine what to listen to. But we managed to string up a list of some of the best new releases to make things easier for you. From Moses Sumney’s ambiguous, but mesmerizing first part of 'græ' to King Krule’s hazy and brooding 'Man Alive!,' here are some of the highlights of New Music Friday.

Moses Sumney — 'græ: Part 1'

Following his excellent and critically acclaimed debut LP 'Aromanticism,' Moses Summey has shared part one of his new double album 'græ.' The second half of the project is scheduled to come out May 15 via Jagjaguwar Records. Charged by his immense vocal range and stirring poetry, the songs here go in different directions—from classically-inspired chamber pop to assertive art rock. However, they naturally all flow together. From the more melancholic “Virile” and “Polly” to the twisted and sonically pleasing “Cut Me,” Sumney has made his boldest and most personal album yet.

Stream the new album here.

Traffik Island — 'Sweat Kollecta’s Peanut Butter Traffik Jam'

The chameleonic and now beat-collector Zak Olsen takes us on a psychedelic detour on the latest Traffik Island release 'Sweat Kollecta's Peanut Butter Traffik Jam.' The new LP is filled with an array of blasting synths and splashes of rhythmic patterns, contrasting with last year’s more psychedelic folk focused 'Nature Strip.' On 'Sweat Kollecta,' Olsen practically made his own 'Smile Sessions.' But instead of just colorful psych pop, the arrangements are steered more by the sonic landscapes and grooving psych-big beat sound that dominate the record.

Stream the new album here.

King Krule — 'Man Alive!'

Since releasing the immersive 'The Ooz' in 2017, the British enigma Archy Marshall, aka King Krule, has welcomed his daughter to the world with partner Charlotte Patmore. Now he’s returned with an LP that continues where he left off, but now more muddier and darker. With its melancholic and dizzying soundscapes, the album is mainly concerned with the clash of parenthood, destruction and dissolution—a deeper dive into the chilly and torturous underworld that is King Krule.

Stream the new album here.

Grimes — 'Miss Anthropocene'

After a five-year wait, Grimes has finally released the conceptually dark 'Miss Anthropocene,' her doomy and complex follow-up to the fearless and harsh 'Art Angels.' On the new LP, Grimes confronts the end of the world with soaring synth textures, loads of heavy percussion and echoes of dramatic effects, that find the art-pop eminence at the top of her game.

Stream the new album here.

Thundercat — “Dragonball Durag”

Thundercat has shared another song off his anticipated upcoming album 'It Is What It Is,' out April 3, via Brainfeeder Records. “Dragonball Durag” is a combination of influences and styles you’d expect from Thundercat at this point. Fusing stoner psychedelia with funk and jazz fusion, the humorous new single shows Thundercat’s soulful and intimate falsetto that plays nicely over his luscious and beating bassline. The new single also might be the finest song you’ll ever hear about a guy trying to smash while sporting a Dragonball durag.

Stream the latest single here.

Guided by Voices — 'Surrender Your Poppy Field'

One of the finest and most influential indie bands from the nineties, Guided by Voices now have 30 studio albums under their belt, since their debut album from 1987. With highlights including the stomping “Steely Doger” to the surprisingly gorgeous and atmospheric “Woah Nelly,” GBV’s new album 'Surrender Your Poppy Field' is another solid addition to their vast canon of releases.

Stream the new album here.

The Strokes — “Bad Decisions”

After announcing a new album and returning with the moody and synth-heavy lead single “At the Door” last week, the Strokes are back with the new single they debuted at Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire rally, that recalls their earlier sound. With a melody reminiscent to Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself,” the familiar and ironic “Bad Decisions” seems to be meta-commentary on what fans, especially of the first two albums, have been demanding from the Strokes since they started experimenting on 'First Impressions of Earth.' Like older singles such as “All the Time” or “Threat of Joy,” “Bad Decisions” is just another hint of nostalgia to please fans who aren’t into the experimental route the band has indulged in.

Stream the latest single here.

Boy Jr. — “Suck My Finger Again”

Rochester darling Erica Allen-Lubman, aka Boy Jr., has finally shared the new single “Suck My Finger Again.” The new single which was previewed last fall, shows Lubman soulfully crooning over layers of retro synths and her signature slash of melodic guitar hooks.

Stream the newest single here.

Opus Orange — 'Miles From Nowhere'

Indie and alternative pop band Opus Orange has returned with their fifth studio album 'Miles From Nowhere' where the band once again crafts infectious and memorable pop melodies supported with blasts of sonic layers and echoing guitars. In an interview with Atwood Magazine, frontman Paul “P.B.” Bessenbacher said the new album is about “allowing imperfection and allowing that disorientation and being okay with it and being accepting of yourself with all the junk that happens, all the mistakes and all the wrong destinations.”

Stream the new album here.

The Weeknd — “After Hours”

“After Hours,” the title track and third single to drop for The Weeknd’s forthcoming album that comes out March 20, is a return to his earlier style. Lyrically, The Weeknd sounds remorseful with his signature falsetto where he sings about leaving the same lover from the previous single “Heartless” over the skittering and recurring beats.

Stream the latest single here.

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