Premier: Mumbleton - "Private Island" Music Video

>>All the way from Sacramento, Tyler Lydell, also known as “Mumbleton” uses an arsenal of synths, snare/kick, and chorus filled solos to create an ambient and chill dream–pop vibe in his latest music video titled “Private Island”. The ambient sounds in this video will transcend you to another time and place of fearless dreaming. If you’re searching for a way to feel like you’re free with nothing but endless horizons in front of you, then you will want to put this music video on repeat

“Private Island” shows us that sometimes it’s necessary to remove yourself from the chaos of life to spend time those who make you happy. Mumbleton’s visuals of standing in the middle of a crowded room and sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool emulate a relatable suffocating feeling that many of us have experienced. However, his messaging of wanting to “jump this ship” paired with the visuals of him running away to freedom leaves viewers with hope. Overall, this track leaves viewers with some head bopping chill vibes that we all need.

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