New Music Friday — From Indie Powerhouses to New Discoveries

>>With so much music that was released today and throughout the week, it can be overwhelming and difficult to determine what to listen to. But we managed to string up a list of some of the best new releases to make things easier for you. From the new collaborative project from Ty Segall and Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale to the comeback of Lady Gaga, here are some of the highlights of New Music Friday.

Wasted Shirt — 'Fungus II'

Wasted Shirt, the new project from Ty Segall and Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale, have released their debut album 'Fungus II.' In a press release back in January, Henry Rollins described the new album as an “exploding euphoria from start to finish,” which is spot on. From the spiraling drumming to the distortion and fuzz-brewed guitars and effects, 'Fungus II' is the chaotic eruption you would expect from the collaboration. Highlights like the shrieking “All is Lost” to the high-energy “The Purple One,” shows just how wild and unrefined Segall and Chippendale can be together in a studio.

Stream the new album here.

Soccer Mommy — 'Color Theory'

From emotional themes dealing with heartbreak and coming of age, Soccer Mommy, aka Sophie Allison, has let loose on her highly-personal sophomore album 'Color Theory.' The new album is both dark and unpredictable, with Allison leading a complicated journey of confrontation filled with her distressing and anxious guitar hooks that are disguised by her slick and catchy melodies.

Stream the new album here.

Real Estate — 'The Main Thing'

Real Estate’s latest album 'The Main Thing,' is their most complex and anxious album yet. It’s been a tough few years for the Brooklyn band, after firing their former frontman Matt Mondanile, who was accused of sexual misconduct in 2017. Some bands typically shift their sound or completely stop making music altogether, but the remaining members of Real Estate are staying true to form on their comeback album. The songs have strongly matured, but the structure is still filled with familiar layers of jangly guitars blended with their signature breezy and wistful melodies. The new album continues the band’s legacy as one of the most reliable and consistent rock bands playing music today.

Stream the new album here.

Lady Gaga — “Stupid Love”

Mother Monster returned overnight after dropping a new single and video that follows 2016’s country pop’s 'Joanne' and her work for 2018’s 'A Star is Born.' “Stupid Love” shows Gaga returning to the dancefloor with her punchy and exuberant disco-hooks that shine under her catchy and personable vocals.

Stream the newest single here.

Haunt the Woods — 'Opaque'

After a couple EP’s over the years, the UK four-piece Haunt the Woods have finally released their debut album 'Opaque.' Driven by a complex and unique style that blends progressive rock with ambient and dream folk, the new album’s aesthetic shows the band exploring the depth of human emotions and experiences.

Stream the new album here.

Kevin Krauter — 'Full Hand'

On his sophomore album, the Indiana-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Krauter has crafted an intricate and liberating album that draws from his past and difficult emotional state the mostly left behind. Filled with dreamy and hazy instrumentals, that are blended with Krauter’s personal and anxious lyrics, there’s a high-degree of introspection on the new explorative album that is perfectly suited for attentive headphone listening.

Stream the new album here.

Car Seat Headrest — “Can’t Cool Me Down”

For those who have seen Car Seat Headrest in the past year know Will Toledo has been playing with a new sound—blending airy electronics and heavy riffs alongside his intense and wavering vocals. And now after weeks of online clues, the band has released a revised version of one of the songs they were playing last year on tour, along with the announcement a new studio album and tour this spring. Heavily influenced by electronic music and the CSH side project 1 Trait Danger, the new single “Can’t Cool Me Down” is quite a left-turn for the band. The instrumentals are stripped back compared to the previous live versions, with a structure mostly driven by a set of minimal synths, a steady bassline and of course Toledo’s falsetto.

Stream the newest single here.


Earlier this week, JPEGMAFIA dropped a new track called “Bald,” which is aimed at the bald demographic and follows last year’s fantastic 'All My Heroes Are Cornballs,' LP. The new single includes a bustling instrumentation with a slick beat that correlates well with the hard-hitting and delightfully odd vocals. The song’s flow is also reminiscent to something you’d hear off of Peggy’s 2018 album 'Veteran,'

Stream the newest single here.

Humble Braggers — “Locked Inside”

The Buffalo-based synth-pop outfit Humble Braggers have released a new single called “Locked Inside” that recalls and exemplifies their signature ‘80s retro sound with synths and drum machines at the forefront. The sonic stylings blended with frontman Tom Burtless’s soulful and dramatic vocals are reminiscent of something you would hear off a Tears for Fears album, alongside its fantastical rhythm section.

Stream the newest single here.

Messimer — “Lookalike”

The Boise-based indie rock band Messimer unveiled a new single earlier this week called “Lookalike.” It;s dominated by a distinctive and eerie keyboard riff alongside the raw and frantic vocal approach. The new single still flirts with the Harry Nilsson-esque rock stylings on the band’s earlier singles like “I Know I Should” and “Witching Hour,” but “Lookalike” certainly shifts directions for the indie trio.

Stream the newest single here.

Sarah Eide — “Pour Over Me”

On Sarah Eide’s latest single “Pour Over Me,” the Rochester musician creates a very calm and intimate atmosphere with her clear and expressive vocal