Premiere: Kendall Rucks - "Bloom"

>>Equally ambitious and provocative, Kendall Rucks newest single Bloom will you stop you in your tracks. If the strings don’t grab you in the first few seconds, the drums will, and if for some reason that still hasn’t piqued your interest, just ten seconds in the smoky gray voice enters as the music parts, if only for a split second. Rucks’ voice is dripping sexy and well blended into a balance of modern alternative indie rock and something that easily could have been on the radio revolution of the 1990’s. But the voice, the voice keeps you squinting toward the speakers, as if you could see her, see her come to life in the notes dancing into your mind.

Reminiscent of bands like Florence and the Machine, there’s a nostalgic quality to this track and one that could bring you back to Letters of Cleo, without the unabashed pop. Rucks calmly sings about coming to life, after a love drought that she aligns with the bare months of winter. But suddenly she is coming to life again, and she wants to be love and be loved, she is going to bloom, and now is the time. But the possibility that she isn’t actually singing about love is real and that she’s calmly asking you to watch her bloom as a musician, as an artist. She has felt dormant long enough, now is the time for her to bloom, first to flower and then to fruit.

The track has a darker feel to it, although it’s not from the chord structures themselves which are mostly major. But it does feel bluesy, riffs built on the major pentatonic, and weaving in and out of different 7th's. The song gets its distinct darkness from the production itself, stripped in some places and drenched in post-production in others, it’s a near perfect blend of ear and raw emotion. There are layers upon layers too, creating symphonic sound and leading you to believe there were dozens of musicians needed to cut this track. Then there’s little surprises like the natural harmonics at sixteen seconds and the harmonized vocals in the distance in the second verse.

These could easily be cast aside as production magic but it fits so well with Kendall’s voice, which has a lower register. But she proves her range later in the song and shows with some sliding vocals that she can be as versatile as the production. Her voice is slick and alluring and it make you want to do a Google images search and what you’ll find is exactly what this song could represent; she has spent time finding her own way and she has arrived. The pictures range from the girl next door, to the sassy girl down the street, to a devil induced vixen who is about to talk you out of your own heart.

There’s no good reason that this song couldn’t be on just about any modern rock or pop station across the country. “Like a field of flowers staring at the sun”, she sings and then follows it with the question “Do you realize what you’ve done?” A question that could easily be directed at herself, staring into the mirror and the future at the same time, ready to bloom.

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