Music Spotlight: Chance Emerson

Photography by: Manisha Shah

>>From Taiwan to Hong-Kong and now living here in the states attending college in Providence, RI; Chance Emerson is learning what it's like to live as an American teenager while pursuing his everblooming music career. On his vast journey growing up, Chance harnesses his inspiration from moving around and getting submerged in whatever cultural setting he's in, but mentions that he has been indulging on western artists that his father would play while he was growing up like the Beatles, Nora Jones, the Rolling Stones, and Oasis. Aside from notable acts, his father is a classically trained opera singer and Chance was always listening and taking notes from the professional himself. From that time moving forward, Chance was convinced that music was his calling. His parents sent him to piano lessons, but Chance tells us that he cycled through so many instruments before he finally landed on the guitar. As far as writing music Chance says, “I didn’t know I had anything to say, but when I started writing I realized I had a voice that I wanted to put out there.”

As an up and coming artist, it's easy to get tied up with creative roadblocks, but Chance tells us how he has discovered a way to keep everything fresh. As far as creativity, he points out what a lot of people forget is that “you are more in control of the story”. After this realization he explains that it helps with refining the tracks because Chance can take his own time and feels no pressure when it comes to the final output of his music. A lot of the time when he records, it will be right on his voice memo app when the inspiration hits, and then he will let them rest for quite some time. “Sometimes letting those rough ideas and tracks sit for a while gives me a non-biased look on my own work when I come back to it”. He goes on to elaborate that some weeks he’s just going through the routines as a musician and nothing really hits, but says “then a couple days later something will hit, and I'll turn out like 6 songs in a day”. In 2017, Emerson posted his self- produced EP, recorded in his high school music building’s attic, to his Facebook and Instagram.

Most recently Chance has been dropping tracks with titles “How Can I”, “Annabelle”, and “A Different Dark”. This was all part of his master plan to release a full-length album titled “The Raspberry Men” which was released March 6th , 2020 and you can listen to those tracks here on his Spotify. Chance goes on to explain that he thinks it's interesting right now for him as an Asian-American because he doesn't see a lot of individuals with the same background digging into the style of music he writes, and that he’s excited to see where this takes him. Aside from being a Aside from being a solo artist, Chance expresses that he’d love to collaborate down the road and mix up 70’s synth pop into his tracks with a singer/songwriter dynamic.

Photography by: Manisha Shah

For 2020, Chance is looking forward to just gigging more with a group he has formed with friends at the college he attends. Having mainly an acoustic style, he's hoping to spice things up on the road and get more on the rowdy side of the scene. While going up and down the east coast hitting major cities like Boston and the Big Apple, Chance is looking to just to enjoy the ride of being a musician and create relationships along the way.

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