>>Ontario singer/songwriter Billy Raffoul brings a rough and rugged vocal approach to his music, giving it the soul filled aurora that has made his works easy to identify throughout todays music culture. His sources of inspiration came from some of the greats such as Neil Young, Jeff Buckley, and Joe Cocker. Growing up in a very creative household, his mother a painter, and his father a guitarist, Billy and his brother were indulged in creative and inspiring sources. He started writing music at just 10 years old when his father bought him his first guitar. Teaching himself how to play from watching his father he’d begun to play around his hometown of Leamington, Ontario. Later, in 2010 he started dropping singles that kickstarted his popularity throughout the Ontario region. He jokingly says that “My songwriting had gotten better over the years.” With increasing musical abilities Billy set out for Detroit to do a live session that landed him a record deal with Interscope Records. You can see Billy and other artists here on their website at https://www.interscope.com/ . Later, he dropped his hit single “Driver” in 2017 and following that with his hit EP titled “1975”. 2019 was big step in his career when he delivered his single “Hell or Highwater” which had been used on the PlayStation game “Days Gone”.

We had the chance to talk with Billy and how he has grown from each album he’s put out. He goes on to explain that “producing music for each record is a little different in the creative process”. Billy has submerged himself into different styles of recording allowing him to push his creative frontier even further. From creating music in the studio with a producer, to having performed live recorded albums in one take. Playing live he finds that it’s important to interact with the audience in different ways to create as vast spectrum of emotion. His goal is to make it an intimate experience that has the fans feeling what he feels in the moment on stage. As far as 2020 goes, Billy is hopeful and excited as we were given a look into some of the endeavors he has planned. For tours, he's kicked it off with his new single “It's a Beautiful Life”, and we’re hopeful to see a new EP to follow. Billy plans on going all over with his drummer Justin and tour with the entire arsenal of songs he’s written over the years.

With roughly twenty appearances on various Spotify curated playlists his style and range can spread from all over having worked big names like Avicii, Kygo and American Authors. He expressed that he is humbled by the many talented artists and producers he’s worked with in the past couple years. But staying sharp he continues to take notes learning new tricks of the trade in the music industry. Billy has an extensive tour in the works with the plans to kick it off March 8 th at the Schubas Tavern in Chicago Il and wrap it up at St Pancras Old Church in London, UK.

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