Show Coverage: Transviolet - spacetour

>>Montage Music Hall hosted a popping lineup this past Sunday made up of the friendly four KINDOFKIND, the dynamic duo Armors, and the always entrancing Transviolet. Kicking things off was KINDOFKIND with their addictive groove swing and hype rock jams. Bringing forth abundant energy, coupled with their fun loving personalities, these four had fun from start to finish. Getting the crowd ready for the night, their tunes have a spirited essence to them that had the room feeling good and ready to move. Keeping a tight beat and rolling rhythm throughout their set, their lively, off the wall sound filled the entirety of the venue. As the crowd found their own ways to connect to the tunes, it was quite evident that these four love what they do. Adding playful elements, they gave everyone a good laugh as they played some iconic video game theme songs, most notably the opening one for Wii. With an animated stage presence, backed by vibrant lighting, KINDOFKIND rocked their set.

Next to follow was Armors, hailing from Orange County, CA. Lead singer and guitarist Olen Kittelsen actively engaged with the room through his sincere and colorful personality. Getting the crowd clapping and participating during their songs, one shouldn’t be surprised if countless individuals that night immediately gave them a follow and added them to their Spotify playlists.

Drummer Moe held down the fort as he continuously pumped out some dirty beats. Taking time to create special moments and heartfelt pauses of thanks, Armors was glad to be playing there that night and so were we. Sharing the messages behind some of their songs, their music became even more powerful as their relatable lyrics reached the ears of fans and first timers alike. With a resounding response of hollers, what Armors was lyrically laying down really hit home for some. With the addition of throwing in some funny and witty stories and remarks, as well as the origin story of Olen’s overalls, the approachable nature of the two had the crowd wanting more.

However, there was one more band that still had to perform, though relocated out to the west coast, three thirds of its members are originally from Rochester. Lead vocalist Sarah McTaggart, guitarist and keyboardist Judah McCarthy, multi-instrumentalist Michael Panek, and drummer Jon Garcia were feeling the ROC City rhythm as they made a bold and brilliant entrance. With electrifying LED panels holding down both sides of the stage and rolling through iconic clips of Mr. Krabs, Pikachu, and Bugs Bunny, the pulsating glow immediately snatched everyone’s attention as they rapidly gravitated towards the stage. Hypnotized by the enchantment that is Transviolet, the room became bewitched as soon as the first word left Sarah’s lips. Rocking neon green hair, Sarah’s magnetic stage presence and endless energy never left for the remainder of the night. Known for their alternative, indie pop anthems, they are nothing short of addictive with their hooking base line beats, ensnaring synth, and power pop punch.

The energy in the room coupled by the attentiveness and passion of the crowd and the band’s spellbinding performance made for one memorable night. Adding in the fact that Judah. Mike, and Jon all grew up in Rochester made the night even more special. Playing some of their major hits such as “Girls Your Age,” “The Hamptons,” and more, the crowd was there singing along for every second of it. Currently on tour for their recently released album Born To Rule, they are making their way across the US. Interacting with the fans along the barricade, Sarah would kindly check in on the room, seeing how everyone was feeling and if they were ready to let loose and party. Creating many genuine moments, one of the most notable and magical had to be when she took the time to reach out and hold the hands of a group of young girls who were standing in the front. Singing directly to them, the look in their eyes and their giggly reactions were priceless. Jumping around the stage, the charisma of the band, the charm of the venue, and the collective cheers of the crowd made for a proper and fulfilling “hometown” show.