Artist Spotlight:Katherine Brown

>>Using heterogeneous groupings of items that have washed ashore, I have created a series of still-life paintings that dive deep into the history and mystery of these lost and found objects. I often create a narrative in my head about the journey these objects have taken to my hands and create my composition based on my impression and interpretation of that story. I collect these objects while at the shore and have a large stash from a tumultuous winter living seaside during Hurricane Sandy and Winter Storm Nemo. These storms washed in very interesting finds to our local beach and a flooded first floor of the house we were renting in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Now that I am in Rochester and far from the ocean, I have enlisted people who send me bits and pieces of pottery, sea glass, and other washed up treasures like the doll heads and skeleton keys that are featured in my work. I have recurring themes throughout my work of memories, children, history, erosion and aging, and narratives using doll heads as portraiture.