Music is more than sound waves: Channeling the truth with MF SKUM

>>Ask yourself one question: what is the one thing in this world that makes you want to live here? For James Kegler, known musically as MF SKUM, the answer is music, the vehicle to which something larger than us resides, and the responsibility to channel the truth.

Kegler was born and raised in the east side of Rochester, and his upbringing was just as unconventional as his introduction to music. Kegler had been separated from his siblings and raised by his grandmother. His late older brother, an MC and multi-instrumentalist, introduced him to music. Also fond of his mother’s taste in ‘oldies’ like Maxwell and Eryka Badu, he names the song On & On as an early musical inspiration. To Kegler, music was representative of real feelings and the natural world. He even compares the influence of music on him to that of a parent to a child. Kegler was captivated by the culture of empathy, music, and truth that good music created. These values formed the basis for his work as an artist.

“Music was me accepting that while I’m not in control, I’m here to speak truth”

Kegler described himself as “the type of kid that locked (himself) into a room with a computer in search of purpose.” Once again drawn to spirituality and the idea of a certain greatness existing beyond himself, he quickly formed an agenda for his music career: not to create out of ego, but to provide a relating voice that many people don’t have. Kegler recognized that popular lyrical content often relates to the desires of the flesh and indulging in earthly pleasures, but chose instead to focus on the pursuit of experiences relating to a higher power. Specifically, the song MOST HIGH (HEAVEN) was the result of Kegler reflecting deeply upon his life and understanding how individuals can be vehicles for the ideas of music. CONTINUE READING HERE


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