Premiere: Zander Hawley – “Redcoats”

LA based folk singer/songwriter, Zander Hawley, debuts his new song “Redcoats”.

>>With all of the various stresses, anxiety, and isolation citizens around the world are facing with the spread of the deadly Coronavirus there comes a time every day when we need to tune out the chaotic nature of this moment and refresh our minds with art that allows us to escape reality; even if it’s only for a couple of minutes. Luckily, LA based critically acclaimed folk singer/songwriter, Zander Hawley, is here for you today with his new single “Redcoats”. For those who are not historically inclined, the term “Redcoat” was used as a colloquial expression by American Patriots during the Revolutionary War to describe the British soldiers who were fighting them (the British military uniforms were a bold red). “Redcoats” does not sound or resemble a violent war by any means, but it does offer peaceful sounding music with pensive lyrics about forgiveness and trying to find your own way

"’Redcoats’ is about forgiveness, trying to release yourself from your ego, and the American Revolutionary War.” - Zander Hawley

“Redcoats” begins with an acoustic riff that is immediately responded with a drum loop that perfectly compliments the tone of the song. Hawley finds himself harmonizing over the track which helps set a mood that feels thoughtful and reflective before any lyrics are stated. Hawley begins by speaking to someone (possibly himself) about the need for forgiveness and letting go of past mistakes and ultimately doing so. As the song progresses it builds upon itself with more instrumentation such as the serenade of a violin and finds Hawley mentioning American cultural cues of identity like the 4th of July. A lot of the track offers meditative instrumentation which helps keep the listener focused and in a reflective mood. The addition of instrumentation and build-up feels natural and not forced, which is always a remarkable feat. After declaring he’s “in a tunnel trying to make my own light” around the 3-minute mark the use of a dreamy electric guitar is implemented that guides the track forward. The last minute of the song features a subdued use of guitar and drums with various interesting noises in the background which helps the track properly decrescendo and I can’t go without saying the production on this track is top-notch! Stream “Redcoats” by Zander Hawley below to hear a jam that offers a peaceful calm in this storm that is our lives for the time being.

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