>>Reaperx is not exactly as the name may imply. There’s something deviant, something deadly, shockingly sexual in that name, something intimidating and unnamable in it. Some of those things could be said about the music Reaperx is currently producing if you take a listen along with the other 65k that have on Soundcloud you will start to understand the force, the Gale Wind, the vicious tornado, the encapsulating TradeWinds at work. Reaperx is unique and it makes it difficult to categorize the music. But that’s just how she wants it.

photography provided by artist

photography provided by the artist

After figuring out my iPhone for me, she didn’t hesitate to jump right into the difficult questions about her adopted family. No hesitation in the least. Meet Me in the Middle was ironically playing in the background in the little coffee shop we sat in, Reaperx casually sipping a lemonade and complimenting the barista on her hair. She launched directly into her history, a comfortable open book with kind eyes. “My memory is really off a lot”, she giggles. “No, but its good, though.” Her hair under her cap keeps slipping out getting in the way of her lemonade straw as she defends me for asking my prepared questions. “A kid who gets lost in the store and can’t find their mom starts crying. That’s pretty much how I felt. I was crying a lot”, she says. Feeling like an outcast from her first memory, she bows her head and calls herself “an itty bitty Miricle” which is actually her real name; Miricle, who as a 7 seven-year-old was adopted by a blood uncle. Where her memory starts, consequently so does her music.

A self-taught artist who figured out her path by accident beginning in middle school, she was naturally drawn to being a multi-instrumentalist. Horn, trumpet, kit drums, guitar, vocals, and more as the list continues to grow as she grows musically, making what you hear more than experimental, it’s literally the sounds in her head coming out, cascading into wav files and completely self-mixed. Making music started in high school, playing in rock bands and some rap groups. She even jammed with the classic high school band playing the horn. She giggles through her recanting though, noting that horns haven’t made it into her recent beats. “I have to get those instruments”, she says unironically and when she speaks you believe her even as Ozzy Osbourne sings Crazy Train on distant speakers at that exact moment. “I got my own guitar when I was a senior (in high school)”, she says.

When she was little, every birthday her aunt would reveal a little more and more about her true life. An outcast in a hard headed tough love family was made to wait to know the truth and harsh as it all seems, including the occasional physical altercation, it was setting a foundation that eventually was built into walls of anger. When she lost her uncle just a few years ago there was a turning point in her life where suddenly the beats she was making, and selling, started getting blessed with her vocals. “I was angry. He was angry. I needed to learn to control my anger. And he looked at me proud when I did”, she says. Evolution through tragedy. Heart break rendering something more beautiful, hardship laying the foundation to character, manifesting as sound, becoming a blossoming artist.

“He taught me how to handle my emotions and set my foot down”

She was a typical rebellious teenager but when her adopted parents sat her down just before he passed and explained they thought they regretted taking her in, she realized they wanted what was best for her, an uncle who was always boosting her. “You should be on the Voice”, he would say, a supportive man who she feels like she owes now, even though it feels like too late. “Every time I release a song, I always think that I wish he was here to listen”, she says taking a sip of her lemonade.

In 2018 Reaperx found herself homeless. Bouncing around from house to house, couch to couch, trying to find a spot of her own. That's when she got signed, but it wasn’t what she wanted. “It was called F Bomb Entertainment. Angsty rap, I guess?” she said referring to the type of sounds coming from the studio where the owner made a room for her next door. “Then one day the owner's mom came in, and kicked everyone out. The house is in my name, the mom said”, she explains. Alas, she was homeless again. But not without learning a few things about the music business before she left, including how to mix. She's finally in a stable place, getting back on her feet, even though as she lost her house and mind, she was still producing her own music on her iPhone. Now she’s up for collaboration, especially for a music video.

When she walks in and you can’t be sure it’s her. She’s smaller than her music makes her sound, an innocently pretty woman that looks small and frail. But the second you sit down and see the fire in her eyes the demeanor changes. There’s a timid lion ready to strike, a hungry predator that has not gained the footing for a full pounce. Another turning point is up ahead and she sees it, the decision already made to put risk into motion. Deep in uncharted territory, following the crudely drawn maps of others before, others that had a wilder ambition, but none that have ever possessed the real talent and raw determination. She’s not just an “itty bitty Miricle”, she’s Reaperx.

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